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Victron MEGA Fuse (32V)

  • $ 17.00

The Victron MEGA Fuse (32V) has been designed to be a truly worldwide product that provides circuit protection for high amperage applications.  

Victron MEGA fuses are designed to work in:

Key Features: Victron MEGA Fuse (32V)

The key features of the Victron MEGA Fuse (32V) include:

  • Circuit protection for high amperage applications
  • Available for 60A to 500A varieties
  • Comes in package of 5 pieces.

Specifications: Victron MEGA Fuse (32V)

Length (In.) 0.4
Width (In.) 2.6
Height (In.) 0.7
Dimensions (mm and inch) 
68x19x3.2 mm (0.4 x 2.6 x 0.7 Inches)

MEGA fuses 32V Appr. voltage drop Cold resistance
MEGA fuse 60A/32V 120 mV 1,5 mΩ
MEGA fuse 80A/32V 90 mV 0,7 mΩ
MEGA fuse 100A/32V 90 mV 0,6 mΩ
MEGA fuse 125A/32V 90 mV 0,4 mΩ
MEGA fuse 150A/32V 90 mV 0,35 mΩ
MEGA fuse 175A/32V 90 mV 0,3 mΩ
MEGA fuse 200A/32V 80 mV 0,25 mΩ
MEGA fuse 225A/32V 80 mV 0,22 mΩ
MEGA fuse 250A/32V 80 mV 0,2 mΩ
MEGA fuse 300A/32V 80 mV 0,17 mΩ
MEGA fuse 400A/32V 70 mV 0,13 mΩ
MEGA fuse 500A/32V 70 mV 0,1 mΩ

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