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Carefree Freedom RM Awning Roof-Mount Adapter

  • $ 99.00

The Carefree Freedom RM Awning is a great fit for all kinds of camper vans, including Sprinter, Transit and Promaster vans. 

For the Carefree Freedom RM awning, you'll need the appropriate adapter to mount the awning on the roof of your van. Choose between:

    • Flat Roof Adapter Kit (BS0001)- For flat-roof vehicles & awnings 4m long or smaller
    • Mercedes Sprinter Adapter Kit (BS0002) - For Sprinter vans (2007+) & awnings 4m long or smaller
    • Ram Promaster Adapter Kit (BS0009) - For Promaster vans (2014+) & awnings 4m long or smaller
    • Ford Transit Adapter Kit (BS0015) - For Transit vans (2015+) & awnings 3-4m long, full-length bracket with mounting pads. There are three options:
      • BS0015-118 - for 3m awnings
      • BS0015-138 - for 3.5m awnings
      • BS0015-157 - for 4m awnings

Choose the correct adapter type for your van with the drop-down menu.

Note: These Carefree roof-mount awning bracket kits only work with the Carefree Freedom RM awnings - because of the way they are designed to fit into the case from the bottom, they will not work with the Dometic 9500 awnings for roof mounting.

Documents: Carefree Freedom RM Awning Roof-Mount Adapter

Carefree Freedom RM Awning Install Manual

Carefree Freedom RM Awning Owner's Manual

Carefree Freedom RM Awning Service Manual

Carefree Freedom RM Awning Parts List

Video: Carefree Freedom RM Awning Roof-Mount Adapter

Check out the video showing a CareFree Freedom RM manual awning mounted on a Sprinter 144"WB camper van. This awning has lateral support arms underneath the awning fabric, and also fold-down support arms which are not shown in the video.








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