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VW campervan on Prince Edward Island, 1972

That little kid above was me, getting my first taste of the outdoors via my parents' 1972 VW Westy. 

Soon enough I grew up and moved on to a camper of my own - "Camper Van Beethoven" was a '77 Dodge Tradesman with a 360 V8 that sucked gas like whales swallow seawater. Over more than a year on the road in Canada, the US and Mexico, I tinkered with her persnickety propane furnace in snowy forests, and labored deep in her innards replacing a burst water pump.

By the time my kids came along, we were on the hunt for a better roadtrip vehicle. Eurovan? Vanagon? What else was there?

Greg Keith, campervan lover

Nowadays I'm building out my second Sprinter camper van. With the experience I've gathered living in my own vans, researching vans, having camper vans built, and now building my own campervan, I've written the Sprinter RV Conversion Sourcebook (now in its 7th edition for 2016) and the Sprinter RV Buyer's Guide (3rd edition).

Yeah, I kinda love camper vans! And I'm always interested in camper van gear - not the stuff our parents used, but the best new innovations that have been steadily coming down the pike, gear that works better. That gear is finding a home in my Campervan HQ store, and it's gear you often won't find elsewhere. Check it out, and see what you think!