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Did you know you can pick up many of the items seen on our website and save on shipping? Depending on your location and the item(s) you purchase you could pick up your order and continue with your van build without waiting or paying for shipping!

What Can I Pick Up and Where?

We offer pick up for specific products in various pick up locations. Let's break it down into a few categories:

1. Pick up is available for the following items in Portland, Oregon at our Perfect Fit showroom with code PDXPICKUP

2. Pick up CR Laurence windows at a CRL warehouse nearest to you with code PICKUP22.

CRL warehouses are located across country click this link here to see our CRL warehouse map for all location addresses. Locations include:

3. Pick up all Tern Overland products in Prescott, AZ with code PICKUP22.

Photo credit Tern Overland 

4. Pick up Aluminess products in Santee, CA with code PICKUP22 and even have it installed for a hourly fee.

Photo credit Aluminess

5. Pick up Flarespace windows in Arvada, CO with code PICKUP22.

Photo credit Flarespace

How Do I Place My Order for Pick Up?

At checkout you'll have the option to enter your desired pick up code to remove shipping charges. Only specific items listed are able to be picked up. Please limit your order to specific pick up items; otherwise we'll need to contact you to invoice proper shipping charges or may need to cancel your order.

We'll assign pick up for the correct items to your nearest CRL warehouse or to the appropriate location and then send you instructions on how to pick up once your order is ready! If you've entered the pick up code for an item that isn't able to be picked up in your area, we'll send you an invoice for shipment or we can cancel your order. 


Pick Up Coupon Codes:


Enter this code to pick up the above mentioned items at our Perfect Fit showroom in Portland, Oregon and remove shipping charges.  


This coupon is for pick up on most items including the above mentioned CRL, Aluminess, Tern Overland, and Flarespace products. To assign your order for pick up, you'll enter this code at checkout to remove shipping charges.  


When placing an order for a Dometic RTX2000 you can enter this pick up code to assign your order for pick up at our Perfect Fit showroom in Portland, OR and receive a $150 discount on your purchase.


How Will I Know My Order is Ready for Pick Up?

As soon as we've received confirmation that your order is complete we'll send you a confirmation email with instructions on how to pick up.

For CRL warehouses you'll need your CRL order number, name, and Perfect Fit phone number that we'll provide in your confirmation pick up email. For all other pick ups you'll just need to provide your name and Campervan HQ order number. 


Have Additional Questions?

Reach out to our customer service team through our live chat option in the lower right hand corner of your screen or email at 

Shop all products seen in this article direct through the linked items above. 

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