VWD Ram ProMaster Van Slider Window 2014+ Passenger Side Sliding Door (DTRAM017-INT)

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Upgrade your van with the premium VWD Ram ProMaster Van Slider Window 2014+ Passenger Side Sliding Door (DTRAM017-INT), designed with improved features for security and function. Including Pure Grey Solar Privacy Glass, which offers a more bright and realistic vision from the interior while still providing excellent thermal performance with a 15% UV filter rating. You'll enjoy enhanced comfort during your journeys with added airflow and breathtaking scenic views inside your van. 

Key Features: VWD Ram ProMaster Van Slider Window 2014+ Passenger Side Sliding Door (DTRAM017-INT)

  • Single-pane glass automotive window with sliding panel and independent sliding screen.
  • Designed to fit 2014+ Ram ProMaster 136"WB, 159"WB, and 159"EXT (High Roof / Low Roof Models)
  • Solar Privacy Glass
  • Excellent thermal performance with a 15% UV filter rating.
  • Manufactured with tempered safety glass that meets or exceeds DOT/SAE standards.
  • 1-year warranty.

The VWD Slider Window's sliding portion is strategically oriented to provide optimal ventilation, while its tight seal ensures exceptional weather resistance, even in stormy conditions. The low-profile aluminum trim handle adds convenience and aesthetics, making opening and closing a breeze.

Enjoy hassle-free operation with the independently sliding screen, allowing you to switch between screened and un-screened openings effortlessly. Constructed with durability in mind, the black acrylic frame and aluminum screen mesh offer higher resistance to tears and fraying, ensuring longevity.

Security is paramount, and VWD has taken steps to ensure peace of mind. The innovative latch design secures the window down to the tracks, preventing any unwanted sliding from the outside. Rest assured that your van and belongings are safe and protected.

In Summary

With the VWD Ram ProMaster Van Slider Window 2014+ Passenger Side Sliding Door (DTRAM017-INT), you get style, functionality, and security in one sophisticated package. Elevate your van's look and performance today!

    Specifications: VWD Ram ProMaster Van Slider Window 2014+ Passenger Side Sliding Door (DTRAM017-INT)

    Manufacturer Van Windows Direct
    Placement on Van Passenger Side Sliding Door
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 59 x 4 x 34 in
    Billable Weight 80 lbs
    Installation Type Urethane Bonded


    What’s needed to install a bond-in window?

    Sikaflex P2G Adhesive

    Qty: 1-2 tubes for small and medium size windows.

    Qty: 2 tubes for large windows.

    Primer(use Frequently Bought Together suggestions)
    Qty: 1, 3.4 oz Primer bottle for 4 large windows and 2 small windows.

    Qty: 2, 3.4 oz Primer bottles for 6-8 windows(full window set).

    Trim lock or window gasket for the cut metal edge. This window's compatible option can be found in this page's Frequently Bought Together section.

    Check out our How to Install Bonded Van Windows blog article for more details or the video at the bottom of this page.

    Click Here for the Glass Plan Schematic

    VWD Promaster Slider Window Comparison Table

    Part #

    Window Position Wheel Base

    Driver Side Forward

    136/159/159 EXT
    DTRAM015-INT Driver Side Middle 159/159 EXT
    DTRAM016-INT Driver Side Rear Quarter 159 EXT
    DTRAM024-INT Driver Side Rear Quarter 159
    DTRAM026-INT Driver Side Rear Quarter 136
    DTRAM020-INT Driver Side Rear Cargo Door ALL
    DTRAM017-INT Passenger Side Sliding Door 136/159/159 EXT
    DTRAM018-INT Passenger Side Middle 159/159 EXT
    DTRAM019-INT Passenger Side Rear Quarter 159 EXT
    DTRAM025-INT Passenger Side Rear Quarter 159
    DTRAM027-INT Passenger Side Rear Quarter 136
    DTRAM021-INT Passenger Side Rear Cargo Door ALL

    Video: How to Install Bonded Windows 

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