Owl Vans Apex Rapid Deflators for Transit [Rapid Precision Valve] (Set of 5)

  • $ 199.99

Lowering tire pressure when going off road is one of the first and most important ways to gain more traction. The problem is that is can take 30 plus minute of you squatting with a tiny stick poking the valve. There is a better way! Enter the Owl Vans Apex Rapid Deflators for Transit [Rapid Precision Valve]. These simple, and very high-quality valve stem replacements allow you to literally pull a switch and the tire deflates rapidly. You can pull all four tires and sit back and watch your pressure go down. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Unscrew the valve stem cover and place your preferred pressure gauge onto the valve.
  • Now simply slide the gate cover out and watch your air gauge real-time as the pressure drops.
  • Slide the gate cover closed and replace the cap...you're done.

The toggle action allows you to precisely throttle the air to hit your exact desired pressure.

It’s fast...very fast. You can expect tire deflation from 35 PSI TO 10 PSI IN LESS THAN 15 SECONDS. [Based on a 35” tire] 

Key Features: Owl Vans Apex Rapid Deflators for Transit [Rapid Precision Valve] (Set of 5)

  • Toggle style vent
  • This is the "Long Style" for easier use with Sprinter wheels. 
  • 1,000 hr salt spray
  • Viton seals are impervious to almost any chemical and are UV/ozone resistant
  • TPMS mount [works with VS-650/950 style TPMS]
  • Fits almost any wheel by replacing the valve stem 
  • High-grade aircraft 7075 aluminum is as strong as steel
  • Valve cap and lanyard included
  • No drilling needed!

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