Wondering about weBoost signal boosters? After 4 months cross-country traveling our team has all the answers for your weBoost questions. Let's dive in -- 

How to Install and Operate the weBoost Drive Reach RV System

weBoost's cell booster system is a simple, permanent install requiring a few quick cable connections, running wire to desired locations, and a proper mount for the antenna. If you've upgraded to the Overland Bracket or weBoost Reach Overland system, you'll have the ability to adjust your antenna up or down, as needed.

What's Included:

How to install weBoost Drive RV Reach:

  1. Assemble antenna mast and outside antenna, running the antenna wire through the mast and joining them using the threaded ends. Optional spring included.
  2. Mount outside antenna using the provided L-bracket mount and hardware to mount to ladder or pole. The side exit adapter must be used when mounting to with the spring
    1. NOTE: Outside antenna location must be within reach of the booster with the 25’ cable. The system performs best with max horizontal and vertical separation.
  3. Connect the RG-6 cable running from inside the RV to the outside antenna.
    1. The exterior RG-6 cable attaches to the "Outside Antenna" port on the weBoost Cell Signal Booster.  
  4. Connect the RG-58 cable to the inside antenna.
    1. The interior antenna cable connects to the "Inside Antenna" port on the weBoost Cell Signal Booster.
    2. Place where additional strength is required
  5. Connect the power supply cord to the end of the cell signal booster, labeled “12V DC”, and connect into a 120V wall plug. (The system will power on when plugged in.)
    1. For a DC to DC connection check out the weBoost 12V DC Hardwire Power Supply

See weBoost Drive RV Reach installation manual for more details.



    The systems operates by boosting your existing cell signal. Once installing and registering your cell signal booster, all you need to do is plug in or turn on your cell booster and you'll experience an automatic cell signal boost.

    How Far Can I Travel with weBoost Outside of Service Tower Range?

    In short -- you can't.

    The booster only works to magnify a signal when in range of a cell tower. You can find the nearest cell tower using the weBoost app, and can test your dBm speed with and without the booster on to compare the booster's power.

    In general while testing, we experienced the cell signal booster will increase the cell reception by 1 bar, so if you have 0 (or SOS) you may achieve 1 bar, likewise with 1 bar you may achieve 2 bars, and so on. 

    For technical details, we tested the dBm speed in multiple locations across many states -- from Montana to New Mexico and Oregon to Alabama -- and clocked an average of 10-20 point increase in dBms in poor service areas. See chart below by Wilson Amplifiers:

    Signal Strength General Results
    -50 to -79 dBm Considered great signal (4 to 5 bars)
    -80 to -89 dBm Considered good signal (3 to 4 bars)
    -90 to -99 dBm Considered average signal (2 to 3 bars)
    -100 to -109 dBm Considered poor signal (1 to 2 bars)
    -110 to -120 dBm Considered very poor signal (0 to 1 bar)

     NOTE: dBm strength is measured in negative amounts. 

    What's the Best Suggested Use for weBoost?

    weBoost cell signal boosters are great for increasing reception when needing to connect or make an urgent phone call on the outer rim of cell reception. They do not create cell reception. 

    Think of them as a safety net when you need an extra boost on that trailhead campsite. They allow you the ability to comfortably get into the backcountry or take that winding highway through a national forest, getting you off the main road but maybe not all the way down the mountain trail. 

    weBoost recommends installing the interior signal at least 18"-24" from the exterior antenna so not to cause interference, and to stay within 2-4 ft of the interior antenna for best results.

    Note: The van's metal roof and exterior acts as a shield between the two antennas, making antenna placement a bit less critical for vehicle boosters. If antennas are placed too close together, the booster may experience oscillation, which occurs when the antennas pick up each other’s signals create a feedback loop.

    The antenna works best in an open area, clear of trees, mountains, canyon walls, or other obstructions from the view of the cell tower. 

    How Do I Register a Booster with My Cell Phone Provider?

    It's easy! We've provided quick links for common cell providers below.

    Once on the signal booster registration page for your cell provider,  you'll sign in to your account and enter the serial number and booster type into the information fields and click register. It may take a few days for registration to complete. 

    Register Links for Common Cell Providers:


    What We Love about weBoost Reach RV Cell Signal Booster:

    1. Simple to use, just plug it in and when the green light appears you're ready for use.
    2. Easy and permanent install -- no need to setup gear once you arrive to your campsite. 
    3. Ability to work further off-road.
    4. Comfort of having a backup plan when service may drop-off. 
    5. weBoost app pairs with the cell signal booster and helps clarify true cell-signal speed. (Cell phone bars may be misleading).
    6. No additional monthly service charge. weBoost works off of your existing cell signal plan.

    Why Use an Overland Bracket?

    The innovative design lets you quickly pivot the antenna down out of the way when squeezing through tight trails or just wanting to protect it on long drives. We love the ease and functionality of popping up the antenna -- taking just a few seconds to raise or lower! Plus if you prefer, you can leave the antenna up for the drive and keep boosting your signal.

    The Overland Bracket is compatible with the weBoost Drive RV and Overland Antenna, so you can mount the Overland Bracket on a 1" rounded pipe roof rack or ladder using the provided hardware, or can mount to a thicker rounded pipe such as the Aluminess rear door Ladder/Carrier (approximately 1 11/16" or 43mm thick) using the following hardware:

    • Hex Nut
      • HEX NUT ZINC 1/4-20
    • Socket Screw
      • SOCKET HD CAP SCW SS 1/4-20X2-1/4

    Watch our Full weBoost Installation Video:  


    Beyond offering you high-quality products, our goal is to offer detailed product knowledge and insight for all your van build upgrades.

    The weBoost Drive Reach RV Cell Booster system is a great option for anyone looking for a step-up in reliability without the added hassle of setting up each time you park or making an additional monthly payment for service. This system uses the cell signal you already have to maximize your connection and ability to work or keep connected off the beaten path. 

    Shop all weBoost Reach RV and Overland Signal Boosters at Campervan HQ!

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