AVCo. Mercedes Sprinter (2019+) Window Cover - Full Set

  • $ 1,750.00

Looking for Sprinter window covers for your Sprinter camper van? Tired of your nice big windows burning up your interior? This AVCo. Mercedes Sprinter (2019+) Window Cover - Full Set is the solution for your Sprinter's windows! We use a special insulation layer that works wonders to maintain your van's interior temps. The dark charcoal material and precision fit also give your van windows a full blackout. No more waking up at the crack of dawn because the sun didn't get the memo you were sleeping in! Magnetic pouches and sewn-in magnets make setting up and taking down a snap!

Each full set comes with 9 pieces for 144s and 11 pieces for 170 wheelbase vans. This set includes our Mercedes Sprinter 2019+ Window Covers (Windshield, Driver, Passenger), Mercedes Sprinter 2007+ Slider Door Window Cover, Mercedes Sprinter 2007+ Driver Front Window Cover, Rear Side Windows (please select 144 or 170 wheelbase length), and Mercedes Sprinter 2019+ Rear Door Window Cover. These covers are designed to fit over the entire factory window stamp out and are for full-sized windows (not for cab bunk smaller aftermarket windows).

Options for factory van paneling and tie straps available in the drop-down menu. Paneled options come with stainless steel mounting plates for each magnet pouch. Each plate is 1" x 2" and comes with a vehicle grade adhesive and adhesive promotor for an easy, long-lasting hold. Tie Kit Option available gives each side window 2 straps and each rear door window 1 strap as well as extra magnets along to top for roll-up storage.

Passenger van curtains can be used for some aftermarket paneled vans as long as there are places to install metal mounting plates. All curtains are shaped to fit the factory stamp out area for each window and can work with aftermarket windows as there is exposed metal around the window edges. 

If you have any questions about paneling or aftermarket windows, please email us at: help@campervan-hq.com with photos and measurements.

Paneling Options:

  • Cargo Van - Van came with no windows or with aftermarket windows installed.  Exposed metal around all edges of side and rear door windows (No Panel).
  • Crew Van - Van came with windows and 1/2 factory panel trim.  Paneling comes up to the bottom edges of the side and rear door windows (1/2 Panel).
  • Passenger Van - Van came with all available windows and has full plastic factory trim around the edges of all side and rear door windows (Full Panel).

Our redesigned Mercedes Sprinter 2019+ Window Covers (Windshield, Driver, Passenger) set works with both large and small rear-view mirror boxes.  Each kit comes with four stainless steel plates that attach to your rear-view mirror box to help secure the windshield piece.  Simply align the metal plates with the magnets built into the curtains and peel the adhesive backing to apply.  Each side window features magnets sewn inside the bindings for a tailored fit!

These are ADF Sprinters exclusive parts. Designed and manufactured in house and under strict quality control.

Key Features: AVCo. Mercedes Sprinter (2019+) Window Cover - Full Set

  • Fits all Mercedes Sprinter van models 2019 to current
  • Blocks Light - blocks out exterior light for better sleep and privacy. Blocks out interior light to stay covert and under cover.
  • Insulates - make sure your van stays cool in the heat and warm in the cold temps.
  • Reflects Heat - heat-reflecting fabric blocks 95% of radiant heat.
  • Durable - our outdoor performance fabric is water, mold, and mildew resistant.
  • No Installation Required- easy on/off with magnetic mount system.
  • Proudly made in the US.

Video: AVCo. Mercedes Sprinter (2019+) Window Cover - Full Set

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