Baja Designs LP4 Light Pod Lens Kit


  • $ 32.95

Introducing the Baja Designs LP4 Light Pod Lens Kit.

With uService by Baja Designs, the process of replacing your worn-out or damaged lens becomes effortless. Whether you've accidentally damaged your existing lens or desire to switch to a different pattern, we've got your back. Follow the straightforward instructions below to seamlessly replace your lens and o-ring, ensuring your LP4 Light Pod continues to shine bright.

Simple Installation:

1. Remove Old Lens: Carefully detach the existing lens from your LP4 Light Pod by following the provided instructions.

2. Replace with New Lens: Gently install the new lens from the kit, ensuring a snug fit.

3. Secure with O-Ring: Slide the included o-ring into place to guarantee a watertight seal, preserving the integrity of your lighting setup.

Elevate your lighting experience and keep your LP4 Light Pod performing at its best with the Baja Designs LP4 Light Pod Lens Kit. Enjoy the flexibility to switch patterns or effortlessly replace damaged components while maintaining the exceptional quality and brightness you expect from Baja Designs. Illuminate your path with confidence, knowing that uService has your lighting needs covered.

Key Features: Baja Designs LP4 Light Pod Lens Kit

  • uService Convenience: Thanks to the innovative uService feature, maintaining your LP4 Light Pod is now a breeze. Easily swap out your old or damaged lens without hassle.

  • Pattern Flexibility: Whether you're looking to customize your lighting pattern or simply need a replacement, this kit offers versatility to cater to your specific needs.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: We provide everything you need for a hassle-free replacement, including the lens and o-ring, so you can get back to enjoying your brilliantly illuminated adventures.

  • Made in USA

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Baja Designs LP4 Light Pod Lens Kit Installation Instructions

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