Baja Designs LP4/LP9 Sport Splitter Harness


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Introducing the Baja Designs LP4/LP9 Sport Splitter Harness:

At Baja Designs, we believe in simplicity and accessibility when it comes to enhancing your lighting setup. Their LP4/LP9 Sport Splitter Harness is designed with the enthusiast in mind, ensuring that adding an extra LP series light to your arsenal is a straightforward process.

Ready for Action: The Baja Designs LP4/LP9 Sport Splitter Harness comes sheathed, pinned, and primed for action, eliminating the need for complex assembly. We've streamlined the process so that any lighting enthusiast can effortlessly integrate an additional LP series light into their setup.

Power in Your Hands: To ensure a seamless experience, please take a moment to review the notes provided with the harness to verify that you're not overloading your electrical system. Baja Designs has designed this harness with versatility in mind, but it's essential to match the load with your controller's capacity for optimal performance.

Controller Module Compatibility: The harness is a breeze to work with, and its power draw is dependent on your controller's capacity. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to lighting upgrades, our Sport Splitter Harness is a user-friendly choice.

Elevate your lighting game with the Baja Designs LP4/LP9 Sport Splitter Harness. It's your gateway to easily expanding your LP series light setup without the complexities. Enjoy the convenience of a plug-and-play solution that ensures your lighting system runs smoothly, providing the illumination you need for your adventures.

Specifications: Baja Designs LP4/LP9 Sport Splitter Harness

Application LP4; LP9 Sport
Description Four LP4 or LP9 Sport
Mounting Hardware Included No
Product Type LP4/LP9 Sport Splitter Harness
Switch Included No
Terminal Type Splice Connectors
Universal or Specific Universal
Wiring Harness Description 4-Light Max Splitter Harness
Wiring Harness Included Yes

Videos: Baja Designs LP4/LP9 Sport Splitter Harness

Baja Designs LP4/LP9 Sport Splitter Harness - Campervan HQ

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