Coleman-Mach Mach 10 RV Air Conditioner (13500 BTU, 48V)

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Need an RV rooftop air conditioner for your camper van? The Coleman-Mach Mach 10 RV Air Conditioner (13500 BTU, 48V) is a 48-volt RV air conditioner that offers serious cooling and serious electrical efficiency. Even though this Coleman Mach 10 has the same great cooling output of 13500 BTU/hr as its 120V AC-powered big brother, its DC compressor only draws about 18 amps (1000W) at low cool, and about 26 amps (1400W) at high cool. Also, since this RV air conditioner uses 48-volt DC power, it doesn't require thick power cables, making your power system more lightweight and efficient.

This Mach 10 48-volt DC air conditioner is great for use with an EcoFlow Power Kit, since it can plug straight into a 48-volt battery port on an EcoFlow Power Hub. This enables you to have 12- or 24-volt DC circuits from your distribution panel, while running a very efficient 48-volt DC air conditioner with the same cooling output as a traditional power-hungry 120VAC air conditioner.

    Not sure which air conditioner model to get? Use a BTU calculator to determine your cooling requirements. Calculate the interior dimensions of your space, your insulation level (because it's a van with windows and not much thermal mass, I'd select "poor"), and desired temperature increase - calculate the maximum cooling output you might ever need, and size your air conditioner to be capable of that.

    Note: This air conditioner weighs around 75 pounds. The roof opening must be reinforced on the interior with a wood or metal frame capable of supporting the weight of this A/C unit (see install guide). Lifting this unit onto the roof of the RV requires two people and/or mechanical assistance using a crane, forklift, etc. This air conditioner does not require a generator or shore power to run off your RV power system.

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    Key Features: Coleman-Mach Mach 10 RV Air Conditioner (13500 BTU, 48V)

    • 48-volt DC air conditioner for RVs, uses much less power than comparably-sized 120VAC RV air conditioners
    • Great for use with EcoFlow Power Kits, can plug into 48-volt battery port
    • High-performance motor and fan, 275 cfm air output at high speed
    • Non-ducted (single-zone) cooling
    • Requires Coleman-Mach Bluetooth ceiling assembly, part 45403-720 (sold separately)
    • Limited two-year warranty.


    Read our blog post below to learn why the 48V Coleman-Mach Mach 10 pairs well with the Ecoflow Power Kits. 

    New 48V Air Conditioner Cable - Blog Post

    Specifications: Coleman-Mach Mach 10 RV Air Conditioner (13500 BTU, 48V)

    Cooling Capacity (BTU) 13500  BTU 
    Running Cooling Watts (standard) 1473W, (desert) 1792W
    Power Draw (@48VDC) 18.3A on low cool,
    26.3A on high cool
    Locked Rotor Amps (LRA) 45
    Shroud Color Black
    Refrigerant R-134A
    Dimensions (L x W x H)
    38" x 26.2" x 11.8"
    Weight (lbs.) 75 lbs
    Manufacturer Part 45403-869


    Documents: Coleman-Mach Mach 10 RV Air Conditioner (13500 BTU, 48V)

    Coleman-Mach Mach 10 RV Air Conditioner (13500 BTU, 48V) Data Sheet

    Coleman-Mach Mach 10 RV Air Conditioner (13500 BTU, 48V) Installation Instructions

    Videos: Coleman-Mach Mach 10 RV Air Conditioner (13500 BTU, 48V)




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