EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra Inverter + Batteries


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Are you looking for an affordable home battery backup system that can run almost everything in your house when the grid is down? The EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra Home Battery Backup System is an affordable and powerful whole-home backup system which uses advanced lithium-ion batteries instead of the noisy backup generators of the past.

This comprehensive solution gives you a proper battery backup for home use, ensuring you have a reliable power source for prolonged outages and daily usage. The EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra Inverter is the heart of this home backup battery system - each inverter has 7200W continuous AC output, peaking at 10.8 kW, allowing you to run almost any home appliance, even a 3-ton air conditioner. Each Delta Pro Ultra Inverter can be connected with up to five 6 kWh lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries to form an inverter and battery stack. Each inverter/battery stack is plugged into an EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2 (sold separately), wired into your main electrical panel. The Smart Home Panel 2 can accommodate up to 3 inverter/battery stacks, for a possible total of an impressive 90 kWh of backup battery capacity.

Integration with the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2, along with EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra Expansion Batteries, delivers a seamless power backup experience featuring automatic switchover, energy consumption monitoring, and potential cost savings on electricity bills through advanced EcoFlow app settings.

As well, in combination with the EcoFlow app, the sophisticated EcoFlow PowerInsight Home Energy Manager (sold separately) touchscreen can serve as an all-in-one energy dashboard, displaying power generation, warning of impending severe weather events, and showing the status of all connected appliances.

The plug-and-play stackable design facilitates quick expansion of EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra storage and output. The EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra can accept charging input from solar panels, a generator like the EcoFlow Dual-Fuel Generator, or grid power, flexibly adapting to your power requirements as you need.

Month-Long Power Security

Take home power dependability to another level with up to 90kWh of stored energy. For a standard household, that's over 30 days of essential backup power to keep appliances like lights and refrigerators running strong (time may vary). Stackable and space-saving, the EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra is a battery power system that packs comfortably into a garage or utility closet.

The plug-and-play stackable design facilitates quick expansion of EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra energy storage and output. The EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra can accept charging input from solar panels, a generator like the EcoFlow Dual-Fuel Generator, or grid power, flexibly adapting to your power requirements as you need.

No Downtime, Silent Backup Power

Imagine a world where you don't even notice when a power outage happens. With EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra's online UPS, you'll get just that. With uninterrupted power flow, the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra is a backup power supply that safeguards your vulnerable electronic equipment round-the-clock. For extended outages, you don't want to hear your backup in the background, so for low power draws under 2000W*, it's completely silent. With a whisper-quiet 0 dB, your nights remain undisturbed as this battery backup system powers your devices.

*For a maximum of 30 minutes.

Multiple Charging Methods

The EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra home battery backup system is incredibly versatile, and can be charged using multiple charging methods including the following:

  1. AC power via the Smart Home Panel 2
  2. EV Charging Stations
  3. Generators (EcoFlow Dual-Fuel or other brand)
  4. Solar panels (high-power or low-power, via 2 solar input ports).

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Key Features: EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra Inverter + Batteries

  • The ultimate home battery backup system: 1-3 inverters, each inverter stacked with 1-6 batteries, all connected to the Smart Home Panel 2
  • Multiple charging methods: AC power, EV charging station, generators, solar panels
  • 7.2k W-21.6 kW AC output with up to 3 inverters can power almost all appliances in your house
  • 6kWh-90kWh battery capacity, using 6 kWh lithium iron phosphate (LPF) batteries, can provide up to 30 days backup power for a typical home
  • 5.6kW-16.8kW solar input can accept power from portable or roofftop solar panel arrays
  • Auto-switchover, prolonged backup, and energy bill savings with EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2
  • Next-generation all-in-one energy dashboard with the PowerInsight Home Energy Manager
  • EcoFlow app auto-detects all EcoFlow components in Bluetooth range or those connected to wi-fi
  • 5-year warranty.

What's In The Box:

  • DELTA Pro Ultra Inverter (70 lbs)
  • DELTA Pro Ultra Battery (116 lbs), use the drop-down to select the number of batteries desired.
  • Inverter/Battery Connection Cable (1 per battery)
  • Solar Low-PV Charging Cable
  • AC Charging Cable
  • Portable Stand
  • Side-mount casters (4)
  • Multi-Purpose wrench (to disconnect MC4 connector cables)
  • Quick-Start Guide
  • Warranty Card

Note: PowerInsight display screen & Smart Home Panel 2 sold separately.

Specifications: EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra Inverter + Batteries

General Specifications

Model EFYJ751-PCS-US
Battery Chemistry LFP
Battery Capacity 6144Wh, 102.4V
Scalability Up to 90kWh, 21.6kW
UPS 0-10ms
Net Weight Inverter: 72.75 lbs
Battery: 116.4 lbs
Product Dimensions Inverter: 27.2 x 18.7 x 8.35 in
Battery: 26 x 18 x 8 in
Packing Box Dimensions 34.7 x 13.2 x 20.5 in
Warranty Inverter: 5 years
Battery: 5 years
Wi-Fi Frequency range: 2,412-2,462MHz/2,422-2,452MHz
Maximum output power: 0.3597W
Bluetooth Frequency range: 2,402-2,480MHz
Maximum output power: 0.0109W
4G Supported
Screen Supported
Grid-Tied Unsupported
Standby Power Consumption <12W
Maximum Operating Altitude 9842.5ft
Operating Temperature Discharging temp: −20°C to 45°C (−4°F to 113°F)
Charging temp: −20°C to 45°C (−4°F to 113°F)
Storage temp: −20°C to 45°C (−4°F to 113°F)
(optimum: −20°C to 45°C(68°C to 86°F))
Protection Level IP54
UPS Backup UPS <20 ms; online UPS 0 ms
Noise <30 dB

Output Specifications

AC Output (20A)

4 x AC Output Sockets, 120V, 20A Max Per Port

AC Output (30A) 1 x AC Output Socket, 120V, 30A Max
1 x NEMA L14-30 120/240V Split Phase Port
USB Ports 2 x USB-A: 5V⎓2.4A, 12W max per port, total 24W
2 x USB-C: 5/9/12/15/20V⎓5A, 100W max per port, total 200W
Anderson DC Port 1 x Anderson DC Output Port, 12.6V, 30A, 378W Max
Infinity Port 1 x Power Input/Output Port, 100-120V, 30A;
Serves as both an AC input (for charging)
and output (for connecting to the Smart Home Panel 2 or EV Charger)

Input Specifications

Solar Input (high input port) 1 x High-PV Input MPPT Port, 80-450V, 15A, 4000W Max
Solar Input (low input port) 1 x Low-PV Input MPPT Port, 30-150V, 1600W Max
AC Input Charging: 100-120V~15A;
200-240V~12.5A, 50/60Hz

Bypass: 100-120V~15A,
50/60Hz (duration < 3hrs when the current exceeds 12A)
Modem 1 x 4G Modem Port


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