Fan-Tastic Fan 7350 RV Roof Vent With Remote

  • $ 477.87

The Fan-Tastic Fan 7350 RV Roof Vent With Remote is Fan-Tastic's top-of-the-line RV roof vent, with a number of great features to keep you comfortable in your RV. The 12-inch, 10-bladed fan is designed to deliver maximum air exchange (moving up to a massive 920 cfm) with minimal sound and power use.

Not only does the fan have 14 fixed manual speeds or automatic variable speeds, it also includes a reversible switch to set the fan blade direction (either OUT for exhaust or IN for fresh air intake), and an automatic dome open/close switch. A built-in thermostat maintains your desired comfort level.

The rain sensor has its own on/off switch, and when turned on it will immediately close the dome if it starts to rain. When the sensor strip has dried once again and no moisture is detected, it will once again open the dome.

All of these features can be controlled via the included digital wireless remote, so you can operate the fan from anywhere inside your vehicle.

Key Features: Fan-Tastic Fan 7350 RV Roof Vent With Remote

  • Low Amp Draw from Variable-Speed Motor (0.2-1.9A)
  • Smoke-Colored Lexan Polycarbonate Dome, High-Density UV-Stable Polyethylene Fan Blades & Housing
  • Fits Standard 14" x 14" Opening
  • Automatic Lift Dome
  • Quiet Operation
  • Reversible Air Flow
  • High Air Flow (920 CFM)
  • Rain Sensor Automatically Closes Dome When Wet
  • 2 Wire 12 VDC Hookup
  • Infrared (IR) Remote With Wall Cradle, 2 "AA" Batteries Included
  • Automatic Variable Speed (Thermostat-Activated)
  • Manual Speed With 13 Settings
  • Open and Close The Dome From The Remote
  • High Profile White Base

Specifications: Fan-Tastic Fan 7350 RV Roof Vent With Remote

Length (in.): 15.75
Width (in.): 15.75
Height (in.): 12.0
Weight (lbs.): 12
Model: 807350
Fan-Tastic Fan 7350 RV Roof Vent With Remote - Campervan HQ

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