Lonseal #400 Contact Adhesive

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Want Lonseal products on the walls of your campervan? Lonseal #400 Contact Adhesive for vertical surfaces is a high-strength nitrile rubber-based contact adhesive for forming an instant bond between Lonseal flooring and vertical surfaces like campervan walls, cabinetry and more. Formulated for spray, roller or brush application, this fast drying contact adhesive forms an instant bond. Lonseal #400 Contact Adhesive has a high initial tack, and is highly resistant to water, acids, alkalis, oil, gasoline, and most solvents when fully cured.

Application: Lonseal #400 Contact Adhesive

  • Apply per label instructions.
  • Uniformly coat both surfaces after they are thoroughly cleaned and free of oil, dirt or grease
  • Allow adhesive to become tacky to the touch, then join substrates and allow drying
  • Depending on surface porosity and method of application
  • Approx. spread rate: 150 -200 square feet of coverage per gallon
  • Open time: 3 - 15 minutes
  • Working time: 0 minutes**

**Due to the high initial tack of the #400 contact adhesive, once the material is placed into the adhesive after allowing for adequate open time, it will not be able to be repositioned. 

Specifications: Lonseal #400 Contact Adhesive

Size 1 Gallon
Weight 7 lbs/gal
Shelf Life 6 Months (Unopened)
Application Spray, Brush or Roller
Ideal Storage Temperature 65 °F – 85 °F
Ideal Application Temperature 65 °F – 85 °F

Documents: Lonseal #400 Contact Adhesive

Lonseal Vehicle installation

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Video: Lonseal #400 Contact Adhesive

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