Northwest Conversions 20 Gallon Water Tank SP-L-20


  • $ 299.00

Introducing the Northwest Conversions 20 Gallon Water Tank SP-L-20, the ultimate solution for maximizing space and ensuring a reliable water supply on your adventures!

Northwest Conversions innovative 20-gallon wheel well water tank is thoughtfully designed to transform unused space into a valuable resource within your vehicle. Crafted to seamlessly fit the Sprinter 2500, as well as Sprinter T1N and Transit single rear wheel vans, the SP-L-20 tank boasts versatility that extends beyond these models.

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Key Features: Northwest Conversions 20 Gallon Water Tank SP-L-20

  • 20 Gallon Water Tank (SP-L-20)
  • Can be placed either driver or passenger side
  • Tank sits rear of wheel well on driver side and in front of wheel well on passenger side.
  • Designed to fit Sprinter Van
  • TRANSIT Van wheel wells are slightly smaller than the Sprinter so there is a bit more room for insulation around wheel well.
  • PROMASTER needs to be elevated 3.5" to fit the large wheel wells.
  • Tank has (2) 1.5” NPT ports (need to be drilled out) and (2)1/2” NPT ports on rectangular end.  (1) 1/2"  port bottom of open end.
  • Tank has (1) 1.5” NPT port (needs to be drilled out) on top or fill or level sensor.
  • Tank is designed not to be pressurized (I.e.  Needs to be vented).
  • Tanks are made from BPA Free Food Grade Plastic
  • Made in the USA   

***Please allow up to 10 days for processing. ***

RETURNS are accepted up to 180 days if the tank has not been installed or altered in any way. The tank will need to be shipped back in the box purchased in and tracking information provided. $50 restocking fee. Customer is responsible for return shipping.

Specifications: Northwest Conversions 20 Gallon Water Tank SP-L-20

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 13 × 16 in

Video: Northwest Conversions 20 Gallon Water Tank SP-L-20

Note: This video shows the 11 Gallon Sprinter Undercarriage Water Tank Installation

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