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Ram Promaster Campervan Body Flares

  • $ 1,600.00

Looking to sleep sideways in your Ram Promaster 136"WB camper van? These Ram Promaster Campervan Body Flares replace the stock rear upper body panels in your Promaster van, providing extra lateral space to enable you to sleep sideways in your campervan. Install these flares and you'll be able to have a 80" wide sleeping platform and a very comfortable night's sleep, plus they don't interfere with any of the doors on the van.

The extra space saved from orienting the bed sideways (almost 24") can be used to store bikes, add extra cabinetry, whatever you need.

    Key Features: Ram Promaster 136"WB Campervan Body Flares

    • Polyester resin (fiberglass) flares are proudly US-made in Portland, Oregon
    • Package comes with two flares, approved 3M installation materials, and detailed installation instructions
    • Available with or without window cutouts (matching VW1033L and VW1033R windows not included, order separately)
    • Dimensions: 22.75”H x 56” x 2.25"D 
    • Flares add extra width to the rear of your Promaster campervan
    • Flares are designed to fit medium/high-roof Ram Promaster 136" wheelbase vans (2014-current models). Will not fit low-roof Ram Promaster van models.
    • FREE SHIPPING in the continental US.
    • Flares are made to order, and usually ship 3-7 days from ordering.

    FAQ: Ram Promaster Campervan Body Flares

    • Who can install flares? Campervan HQ can provide you with a list of trained installers in your area, or any professional auto body shop can paint and install flares.
    • How are they installed? Flares are painted to match the color of your Promaster van. The rear quarter panel is cut out along the factory lines, with the same size cut out as a window. The flares are glued in using the supplied 3M adhesive and sealant. Installers are supplied with detailed step-by-step instructions. Install takes about 4 hours, plus a day to cure.
    • Does the sliding door need to be modified? The stock Promaster sliding door will open fully without modifications. This also applies for slider doors with CR Laurence windows and T-vent window knobs.
    • Will the rear doors still open 270 degrees? If you install an extended door stopper on the rear door, the Promaster's rear doors can still be opened fully without touching the flares.

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