SoundSkins Heat Shield


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Designed to apply on the exterior and interior of the vehicle, this versatile insulation material is made of fiberglass aluminum foil and a thick layer of closed cell foam (almost 0.4”). It has excellent thermal barrier and sound absorption properties. The special blend of fiberglass and aluminum foil helps to reflect radiant heat, while the thick closed cell foam absorbs sound and noise. It will block engine, exhaust, & summer heat, as well as absorb external engine, tire, road, and exhaust noise, making your ride more comfortable!

The insulating properties of SoundSkins Heat Shield will reduce your car’s energy consumption, prolonging your battery life. It will also repel sun, engine, exhaust pipe heat from your cabin, reducing air conditioning energy consumption and saving fuel. Last, it will help to slow down your car’s paint aging by repelling heat and lowering the temperature of your car’s surface and interior.

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Specifications: SoundSkins Heat Shield

Non-flammable, lightweight, wear and tear resistant, and extremely durable, made to last longer than your vehicle. It doesn’t absorb moisture and has no odor, and it’s flexible.

Exterior bulkhead, firewall, hood, engine compartment, engine bays, boot, wheel arch, load floor, under seat, floor, interior bulkhead, body panels, and more

1x Sheet 39.4" x 196.9" (ships in a roll)


53.82 sq ft

9.9 lbs


  • Rubber acoustic closed cell foam
  • Fiberglass aluminum foil
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive backing

No 2nd Hand Used Fillers

Document: SoundSkins Heat Shield

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