SoundSkins Wavy Foam


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SoundSkins Wavy Foam is a thick mat made of their signature closed cell foam design,  which absorbs external sounds in your cabin and isolates vibrations and rattles.

Noise Cancelling Foam

SoundSkins Wavy Foam is the perfect way to absorb any external noise coming into your vehicle such as wind, tire, road, or any other noise, especially mid to high frequency ranges. The soft yet durable foam also works great to decouple hard surfaces vibrating against one another.

Thermal Acoustic Insulation

Another bonus is that the material is an excellent insulator. The thick closed cell foam adds a layer of insulation in your vehicle from both the cold and the heat, and will also significantly improve the overall vehicle refinement and sound quality.

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Key Features: SoundSkins Wavy Foam

  • Made of signature closed cell foam
  • Designed to absorb external sounds in the cabin
  • Works to isolate vibrations and rattles
  • Acts as noise cancelling foam
  • Provides excellent thermal insulation
  • Improves overall vehicle refinement and sound quality significantly

Specifications: SoundSkins Wavy Foam

SoundSkins Wavy Foam has a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing attached to release paper. Its high-quality material makes it waterproof, and resistant to mold, mildew, extreme weather, oil, and petrol.

The foam is pliable and compressible, shock resistant, and durable. The material leaves no odor, is very lightweight, and is easy to cut and fit for most applications.

Doors, door panels, rear decks, trunk lids, and more.

1x Sheet 23.6"" x 196.9"" (ships in a roll)


32.3 sq ft

4 lbs

Rubber acoustic closed cell foam with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing
No 2nd Hand Used Fillers

Document: SoundSkins Wavy Foam

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