Terrawagen 907 Sprinter (2019-2023) Bundle

  • $ 525.00

Introducing the Terrawagen 907 Sprinter (2019-2023) Bundle – Your All-in-One Solution for Van Upgrades!

We've put together this bundle to help you save on essential upgrades for your Sprinter. Enjoy quality products at an unbeatable price when you choose the Terrawagen Bundle.

The triple threat, Mondos + Hood, Spoiler + Fender Armor. Pimp out your Sprinter with this incredible thermal-formed ABS plastic.

Bundle Includes:

1. Mondo Mudguards (1 Pair): Protect your Sprinter and keep it clean with our high-quality Mondo mudguards. Crafted to fit your 2019-2023 907 Sprinter perfectly, these mudguards shield your vehicle from dirt, debris, and road spray. Keep your van looking pristine during your adventures.

2. Fender Armor (4 Piece Kit): Ensure your Sprinter's fenders are safeguarded against dings, scratches, and damage with our Fender Armor kit. This comprehensive 4-piece set offers full coverage for your van's fenders, defending them against the elements and minor impacts.

3. Aero Hood Spoiler (1 Piece Kit): Elevate your Sprinter's style and aerodynamics with our Aero Hood Spoiler. This sleek and functional accessory not only adds a touch of flair to your van but also enhances its performance by reducing wind resistance.

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