Terrawagen 907 Sprinter Armrest Covers

  • $ 90.00

Introducing the Terrawagen 907 Sprinter Armrest Covers – Smart Comfort for Your Sprinter Seats!

We have a soft spot for clever accessories, and our Armrest Covers for the 907 Sprinter are a perfect example of form meeting function. Sold in pairs and expertly crafted to seamlessly fit your factory seats, these covers are designed to transform your driving experience.

Armrest covers come as a pair.

Key Features: Terrawagen 907 Sprinter Armrest Covers

  • Enhanced Comfort and Support

    We all know that the armrests in your Sprinter can be a bit narrow and not the most comfortable. Terrawagen's Armrest Covers are here to solve both of those issues. Crafted from padded cloth, these covers offer a plush surface to rest your arms on during those long journeys. It's comfort and support in one simple solution!

  • Perfect Fit, No Hassle

    Terrawagen's Armrest Covers are designed with a super snug fit that ensures they won't twist or move once installed. Slip them right on, zip them into place, and you're good to go. No more constantly adjusting your armrests – these covers keep everything securely in place.

  • Sleek and Durable

    Crafted in black neoprene, these covers not only provide comfort but also add a sleek, stylish touch to your Sprinter's interior. They come as a pair, ensuring both driver and passenger can enjoy the benefits of enhanced armrests.

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Specifications: Terrawagen 907 Sprinter Armrest Covers

Dimensions  10'' x 10'' x 4''
Weight  2 lbs

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