Terrawagen Sprinter (2019-2023) Walk-Thru Mats

  • $ 45.00

Introducing Terrawagen Sprinter (2019-2023) Walk-Thru Mats - The Perfect Complement to Terrawagen mats that actually fit!

If you're a fan of Terrawagen mats that actually fit like a glove, you're in for a treat with our Walk-Thru Mats. These mats are designed to seamlessly integrate with our original mats, taking your interior protection to the next level.

Make sure you order the correct mats first, these mats correspond with the two mats we carry. One only fits the Cargo vans, and the other only fits the Crew / Passenger vans.

The difference is in the floor. The Cargo does not have the floor heater bump, where the Crew and the Passenger van do. It's a subtle difference, but the mats do fit perfectly.

These are Black rubber, and have a cut out for the handbrake. You'll need to cut out the left for USA models, UK models cut out the right. 

* This can be confusing, the Sprinter pictured is a CARGO. Yes it looks like a bump. 

** How to tell what type of Sprinter you have:  Cargo or Crew? Crew vans and Passenger vans typically came from the factory with side glass ( windows ). Cargo vans did not.  

Specifications: Terrawagen Sprinter (2019-2023) Walk-Thru Mats

Dimensions  20'' x 10'' x 4''
Weight  4 lbs


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