Terrawagen Sprinter 4x4 Big Flare Kit (2007-2018)

  • $ 695.00

Upgrade your Sprinter's style and functionality with the Terrawagen Sprinter 4x4 Big Flare Kit (2007-2018). Designed to cater to 4x4 models, it's also compatible with any Sprinter from 2014 to 2018, including both 144" and 170" wheelbase versions.

Key Features: Terrawagen Sprinter 4x4 Big Flare Kit (2007-2018)

  • Enhanced Width: Add a substantial 30mm of width to the front and 10mm to the rear (due to the slider door) of your Sprinter. This not only provides a unique visual appeal but also contributes to improved stability on and off the road.

  • Precision Craftsmanship: Designed and produced in-house, this kit is proudly made in the USA at our facility in Portland, Oregon. Count on superior craftsmanship and quality.

  • Wide Compatibility: Fits Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 906 (2014-2018) models effortlessly. With minor modifications, it's also compatible with 2007-2013 Sprinter 906 and 2010-2016 VW Crafter models, offering versatility to meet various Sprinter owners' needs.

  • User-Friendly Installation: No need for extensive body cutting – this kit includes all the necessary hardware and instructions for a straightforward installation process.

  • Rugged Durability: Crafted from robust TPO plastic, these fender flares are built to withstand tough conditions. Their textured black finish adds a touch of sophistication, and they're designed to handle heavy-duty usage.

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Specifications: Terrawagen Sprinter (2019-2022) Snorkel Kit

Dimensions  44'' x 29'' x 9''
Weight  18 lbs


What size tire will fit? That's really up to you, but we can safely say that on a stock height 4x4 Sprinter, we can run a 285-75-16 BFG AT. A slight amount of trimming was required, but it does work. A safe size would be the 265-75-16, plenty of space and zero rubbing.

Any special tools required? Hopefully most of you have a powered drill, some good drill bits and basic hand tools. A T25 torx bit screw driver is also needed.

Do I need to buy anything for the install? Nope, all the hardware you're going to need is included. Some hardware is reused.

Video: Terrawagen Sprinter 4x4 Big Flare Kit (2007-2018)

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