WeBoost Desktop Antenna


  • $ 29.99

Are you looking for a powerful desktop antenna? The WeBoost Desktop Antenna is a great cell signal booster antenna for the interior of your camper van, motor home or RV.

This WeBoost Desktop Antenna is easy to install and use. Simply connect it to your signal booster and place it in a convenient location, such as on a desk or shelf. The compact size of the antenna makes it ideal for use in smaller spaces.

The WeBoost Desktop Antenna is designed to enhance 4G LTE and 3G signals, providing a stronger and more reliable cellular connection. This is especially useful for those who experience dropped calls or slow data speeds due to poor signal strength.

The antenna is omnidirectional, which means it can receive signals from all directions, making it easy to find the best signal in your area. It also features a high-gain design, which increases the antenna's sensitivity to signals, resulting in a stronger and more consistent connection.

The WeBoost Desktop Antenna is a versatile and high-performance antenna that can help improve cellular signal reception in indoor environments. Whether you're working from home, streaming video, or just need a stronger cellular connection, this antenna is an excellent choice.

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Key Features: WeBoost Desktop Antenna

  • Inside Building Antenna for 1-2 room coverage
  • Up to +3.4 dB gain
  • Perfect for SOHO, small room, or desktop area
  • Works with all 50 Ohm signal boosters
  • Easy installations
  • Omnidirectional coverage
  • Multi-band versatility
  • Built-in ground plane
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty

Specifications: WeBoost Desktop Antenna

Model   301211
Brand   WeBoost

700-800 MHz -0.8 dB

824-894 MHz 1.5 dB

880-960 MHz 1.2 dB

1710-1880 MHz 2.4 dB

1850-1990 MHz 3.4 dB

2110-2170 MHz 1.2 dB

Antenna   Desktop
Impedance   50 Ohm
Color   Black
Polarization   Vertical
Mount Type   SMA Male
Dimensions   Coax Cable: RG174 - 5 ft
Weight   0.25 lbs.
Item Dimensions   8.26 x 4.01 x 4.01 in.


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