The perfect van adventure doesn't have sleeping at rest stops or travel stations in mind, nor does it picture flies and gnats while camping in the desert. However, it's a van reality we can't ignore. 

VanEssential bug screens and window covers are truly-- well --van essentials when traveling. 

We're talking about why we love VanEssential products, giving you installation insight, and the serious-field-test-information you want to know before you hit the road.

Van Essential Rear Door Bug Screen

Bug Screens

Not only are bug screens the ultimate convenience to accessing both sliding door and rear cargo doors -- they expand your visual space and let you stay connect to the outside. 

What we love about VanEssential bug screens:

  1. Easy to install, clipping onto the van metal beneath the rubber gasket.
  2. Strong sliding door bug screen magnets, collapse quickly back together with each use.
  3. Durable zipper design
  4.  Multifunctional dual screen panels and two-door, zipper design on the rear door bug screen allow for a "garage space" or multi-use as needed.
  5. Rolls up quickly, keeping out of the way when needed. 
  6. Designed for ProMaster, Transit, and Sprinter vans

Van Essential ProMaster Passenger Side Bug Screen

How to Install VanEssential Bug Screens

For sliding door and rear cargo door bug screens, you'll want to start by preparing your screen. Identify the top and bottom of the screen and center the sides and top. You'll receive multiple size metal clips and two clamps with your screens. The appropriate size may alter as you go, and to confirm the right size needed, simply test fit the metal clips onto the wall.

Start your install by using the two clamps to center your screen, clamping it in place and adjusting as needed. You'll want to check the sides are even and the top is centered before starting to insert the metal clips onto the pinch weld. 

Tip 1: Be sure your bottom edge is high enough to close your doors easily, and hitting at the appropriate height to keep bugs out. You won't clamp the bottom so you want to have the best coverage and functionality as possible.

  1. Starting in the top center of the screen begin by removing the gasket from the metal pinch weld edge.
  2. Pull the screen edge behind the gasket.
  3. Push the metal clips onto the metal edge, working 1ft at a time before replacing the gasket.

Van Essential ProMaster Bug Screen


Start by attaching the provided metal clips across the top, alternating from left to right in 1ft sections. Check the sides and bottom again prior to clipping to be sure you're centered and that the screen will function properly with your door. You'll also want to be sure the door opening for the sliding door screen is lined up evenly for easy use.

Tip 2: Screens should not be pulled tightly. Pull the wrinkles out but leave a slight give to allow enough space for opening and closing.

Van Essential ProMaster Bug Screen

Van Essential ProMaster Bug Screen

Once you've worked across the top and double checked your length and width is centered and working appropriately, work down the left and right side, alternating sides as you work down.

  1. Pull the gasket off,
  2. Work the screen fabric edge behind the gasket,
  3. Check fitment and tightness,
  4. Clip fabric onto metal, 
  5. Replace gasket.

Tip 3: Know your screen is aligned properly before installing metal clips. If you need to straighten or fix the screen after clipping fabric onto metal, use a flathead screw driver to pry the prongs apart and remove carefully from fabric.

Tip 4: Depending on your van model, you may need to wipe clean the metal pinch weld or gasket from grease or other residue. 

Van Essential ProMaster Bug Screen

Van Essential Rear Door Bug Screen

Van Essential Bug Screen

Make sure you replace your gasket tightly to complete your install successfully. Cut away excess and give your new bug screens a test run! It's really that simple to permanently install bug screens on your sliding and cargo van doors. 

Have more questions? Reach out to our support team at Support@campervan-hq.com.

Van Essential ProMaster Rear Door Bug Screen

Front Driver and Passenger Window Bug Screens

VanEssential Driver and Passenger window covers are magnetic and install in seconds onto interior or exterior van metal. Simply roll down your window and attach your front cab screens as desired, and to remove, easily pull the screen away from van wall.

Van Essential ProMaster Front Cab Bug Screens  

VanEssential Window Covers

There are a dozen reasons why window covers can be necessary, though we can all agree on a few major reasons: privacy, climate control, and blackout ability.

Van window covers fit perfectly into the curves of your windows and instantly black out the outside world, so when you need a private, closed-off space you can have it. Light and noise can be a huge annoyance when needing to overnight camp at appropriate travel stops. Covers will give you the ability to completely cutoff the outside, and create a happier sleep environment for everyone -- including little ones and pets!

Van Essential ProMaster Front Cab Covers

What we love about VanEssential Window Covers:

  1. Quick and secure magnetic install 
  2. Cargo area window covers are designed to stay in place while traveling and velcro closed when not in use.
  3. Completely blacks out windows
  4. Closed cell foam interior and panel stitch designs allows window covers to lay flat, adding window insulation while making them easier to store.
  5. Available in two color options
  6. Designed for ProMaster, Sprinter, and Transit vans. 
  7. Available in complete sets and individually for specific van panels. Rear cargo windows and driver/passenger sold in pairs.

Van Essential Window Covers

How to Install VanEssential Window Covers

It's easy! You can locate the window cover name on each cover tag, and once you've lined up the cover simply lay the cover onto the surrounding metal surface and feel the magnets snap the cover into place. You'll need dedicated metal van wall space to install correctly, and will need to install the included magnets onto the frame for bunk windows, lining them up appropriately to the magnets on the bunk window cover. Afterwards, your bunk window covers will magnetically close onto the frame. 

Tip: Window covers are great to use when parked in the sun, and create a natural shade that helps keep your van cooler. 

Van Essential Rear Cargo Door Window Covers


After testing VanEssential products in the wild, we can confirm they are 100% essential. The magnets are strong, easily ride along, stay in place, and install in seconds.

The sleek profile and foldable design makes it easy to store away, and quick to use everyday. 

VanEssential bug screens have been vital in various camping places. Keeping bugs out and your van home safe from pests. The woven mesh is strong, and holds up against dogs and pet hair, yet still offers a great view to the outside.

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