Fiamma F45S 300 RV Awning (10'1'')


  • $ 1,408.62

Looking for an RV awning for your camper van? The Fiamma F45S 300 RV Awning (10'1'') is a great fit for all kinds of camper vans, including Sprinter, Transit, and Promaster vans. When not in use, the F45s Fiamma awning takes up little space while snugly enclosed in its aluminum case. It's available as either a manual or electric awning, with a black, white or silver case. 

The Fiamma F45S 300 RV Awning (10'1'') is a very compact and functional RV awning - the 10'1'' length suits the Mercedes Sprinter 144"WB van, the Ford Transit 130"WB  van, and the Ram Promaster 136"WB van.

Note: This Fiamma awning comes with a wall-mount bracket, suitable for installing on a vertical surface on your RV, or a van roof rack with flat vertical sides. For a roof-mounted awning, check out the Fiamma F80S awning.

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    Key Features: Fiamma F45S 300 RV Awning (10'1'')

    • Manual or electric: This RV awning can be ordered with manual operation, or motorized (electric) operation via a wall-mounted switch.
    • Mounting: This awning comes with a wall-mount bracket (Fiamma 98655-391) , so it can be mounted on a vertical surface on your RV.
    • Legs: This F45S awning includes legs that fold out of the lead rail of the awning.
    • Case: The F45S awning has an all-metal case, available in black, polar white or titanium silver.
    • Awning Fabric:The awning fabric is Royal Grey
    • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty.

    What's Included

    • 1x RV Awning
    • Wall Mounting Bracket
    • 1x Crank Handle (for manual versions)
    • 1x Wall Switch (for electric versions)
    • 2x Leg Brackets.

    Specifications: Fiamma F45S 300 RV Awning (10'1'')

    Description F45 S 300
    Awning length  121.25''
    Canopy length  114.96''
    Extension 98.42''
    Shade surface 78.57 ft²
    Weight 50.7 lbs


    Documents: Fiamma F45S 300 RV Awning (10'1'')

     Fiamma F45S 300 RV Awning (10') Installation Manual

    Video: Fiamma F45S 300 RV Awning (10'1'')




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