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Sprinter Van Windows

Need camper windows for your Mercedes Sprinter van? We have fixed and vented windows by Tern Overland, AM Auto and CR Laurence for all models of North American Sprinter vans (cargo, passenger, crew) and all years, whether you have a 2019+ Sprinter, a 2007-2018, or 2002-2006 van model.

Since its introduction to North America in 2002, the Mercedes Sprinter has been the most popular B- class van conversion chassis. In contrast to Europe, in North America the Sprinter van is available in three wheelbase lengths:

  • the "medium" wheelbase (a.k.a. MWB) Sprinter 2500 144"WB
  • the "long" wheelbase (a.k.a. LWB) Sprinter 2500 170"WB (in either a single-rear-wheel or dual-rear-wheel version, SRW or DRW)
  • the "extended" wheelbase (a.k.a. LWB) Sprinter 3500 170"EXT DRW van model.

Many aftermarket Sprinter van windows are either "universal-fit" windows, meaning they are not made to fit any particular van in any particular spot, but we mostly sell Sprinter camper van windows that are designed to replace factory glass. These windows (like the popular C.R. Laurence Sprinter FW621L and FW625R T-vent windows, and the A.M. Auto Sprinter half-slider windows) are designed to be drop-in replacement for stock Sprinter windows that fit the factory window cutouts exactly.