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Battle Born Lithium Deep-Cycle RV Battery (100AH, 12V)

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Affordable and reliable lithium-ion batteries for your RV! The Battle Born Lithium Deep-Cycle 100AH RV Battery is a 12V lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery designed for long life in your RV. Also, unlike most other lithium batteries, this battery is US-made, manufactured in Reno, Nevada.

What are the advantages of using lithium batteries, rather than lead-acid batteries, in your RV? Lithium battery advantages include:

  • Much faster charging times, charging to 99% in 2.5 hours versus up 13 hours for lead acid batteries.
  • Can accept very high charge rates (100A) 
  • Longer life - much greater number of cycles
  • Less than half the weight of similar-capacity lead-acid batteries
  • No maintenance required
  • No battery memory
  • No internal grid or external terminal corrosion
  • No freezing in extreme temperatures
  • Almost no temperature derating effects (still 90Ah capacity at 5C for 100Ah lithium, compared to 60Ah capacity at 5C for 100Ah lead-acid)
  • Ability to mount in any orientation
  • 95% energy efficient
  • Can store at any state-of-charge (SOC) - does not have to be fully-charged for storage, unlike lead-acid

Though the purchase cost is higher for lithium batteries than for AGM or flooded lead-acid, there are no secondary maintenance costs required for the life of the battery, so the overall lifecycle cost is actually lower for lithium batteries.  The lithium batteries have an average life span of 10 times that of lead acid.

 Lithium Battery versus Lead-Acid Battery Comparison

Are lithium batteries safe? You've already been using lithium batteries in your cellphones, laptops, cordless drills, etc. for years, but those are lithium cobalt oxide batteries. That lithium battery type has very high specific energy (150-200 Wh/kg), but limited specific power, meaning relatively short life span, low thermal stability and limited load capabilities. Lithium cobalt oxide batteries caused the Boeing 787 Dreamliner fires and the Samsung Galaxy Note phone battery explosions. Lithium cobalt oxide batteries are prone to thermal runaway, where high charge levels cause the cells to overheat and explode.

Lithium iron phosphate batteries (the lithium chemistry used in Battle Born batteries) are much safer than lithium cobalt oxide batteries, and have excellent characteristics for use as a deep-cycle RV battery:

  • Lithium iron phosphate has a slightly lower specific energy (in Battle Born batteries, about 130 Wh/kg), but has high current rating and long cycle life, good thermal stability, enhanced safety and tolerance for abuse. 
  • Lithium iron phosphate batteries also have a very flat discharge curve, meaning the batteries continue to put out the same amount of energy even at a low state-of-charge.

Why are Battle Born lithium iron phosphate batteries better than other lithium batteries?

  • Cylindrical cells - Battle Born batteries use 32650 stainless-steel cylindrical lithium-ion battery cells. Cylindrical lithium cells typically have much more power, better performance and greater longevity than prismatic cells. 
  • Triple safety design - In contrast to typical lithium battery design, Battle Born lithium batteries have 3 layers of safety protection in each cell:
    • The stainless-steel lithium iron phosphate cells include an internal safety fuse. In the unlikely event that the cell was to overheat (up to 135C), the fuse would instantly break the connection between the anode and the cathode. 
    • Lengthways circuit boards between each layer of cells monitor current, temperature and pressure. If the cell casing shows high internal pressure, the positive and external (negative) current will be cut off by the automatic voltage cutoff. These boards also prevent a short-circuited cell from causing any battery damage.
    • If the internal pressure in any cell is over the safe value of 1.5Mpa, its safety valve discharges, reducing the pressure automatically.
  • Solid construction - Some lithium designs use soft prismatic pouch packs stuffed into thin polypropylene battery boxes. Battle Born batteries use an ABS case with stainless-steel explosion-proof cylindrical lithium cells, and each cell has its top and bottom negative and positive posts welded to a plate, and then bolted to the plate as well for a secure physical and electrical connection.
  • Full-featured Battery Management System (BMS) - The "brains" of the battery is the Power Control Board (PCB), which provides the BMS features. Heat-shielded battery cables connect the lengthways circuit boards to the PCB. The BMS features include automatic low- and over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, reverse polarity protection, and charge balancing. Because of the BMS, you can connect multiple Battle Born lithium batteries in series or parallel without external protection.
  • Industry-leading warranty - Battle Born offers a 3-year full replacement warranty on their batteries. Few other lithium battery manufacturers stand behind their lithium batteries with this kind of warranty.

For more details on how lithium batteries stack up against other deep-cycle battery types, see our RV Battery Buying Guide.

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 Specifications: Battle Born Lithium Deep-Cycle RV Battery (100AH, 12V)

Length (in.) 12.8
Width (in.) 6.75
Height (in.) 9
Weight (lbs.) 29 
Voltage 12.8 VDC nominal
Capacity 100 AH @ 20 hour rate
Max Charge Rate 200A (30 seconds),
100A (continuous)
Operating Temperature -4 + 158 F / -20 + 70 C
Life Expectancy 3000-5000 Cycles
Auto Low/High Voltage Cutoff 8V / 16V


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