Dicor Self-Leveling Sealant for RV Roof Vents

  • $ 12.21

Are you installing or replacing an RV roof vent, like a Fan-Tastic Fan or Maxxair MaxxFan? This Dicor Self-Leveling Sealant helps create a watertight seal along a roof’s edges, air vents, vent pipes and screw heads. With it, you can replace or install roof vents, side mount vents, plumbing stacks and refrigerator vents on your camper van or motorhome.

The Dicor sealant should be used to seal on top of the roof vent exterior assembly. You will also need butyl tape to line the edges under the base of the roof vent exterior assembly. 

Dicor Products Lap Sealant is a versatile sealant formulated for EPDM roofing but also compatible with most other roofing material, including fiberglass and TPO roofing. 

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Key Features: Dicor Self-Leveling Sealant

Package includes:
  • Dicor sealant (10 oz. tube, clear)
  • Excellent adhesion to aluminum, vinyl, and galvanized metal.
  • Continuously seals and remains flexible.
  • Sealant will adhere to TPO, fiberglass or steel camper van or motorhome roofs
  • UV-stabilized to prevent discoloration and deterioration
  • Lap sealant will not stain or discolor any material to which it is applied.
  • Weight: 0.9 lbs.

Note: This product is non-returnable, and cannot be shipped by air.


Dicor Self-Leveling Sealant for RV Roof Vents - Campervan HQ

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