EcoFlow Smart Home Panel Combo (13 Relay Modules)


  • $ 1,599.00

Introducing the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel Combo (13 Relay Modules) – an advanced smart home battery system designed exclusively for the DELTA Pro ecosystem. Seamlessly integrating with your home's electrical wiring, this powerful panel connects directly to the DELTA Pro portable power station.

Experience uninterrupted power for essential home appliances with our reliable backup solution. In the event of a grid outage, the Smart Home Panel instantly activates battery backup mode using the connected DELTA Pro units. With a robust capacity of up to 7200W of power and 25kWh of energy, your home will remain powered and protected.

Take full control of your energy consumption and management with the EcoFlow app. This intuitive app allows you to monitor, control, and optimize your energy usage in real-time. Stay informed with comprehensive metrics and effortlessly avoid peak rates, ensuring smart and cost-effective energy management.

If you're subscribed to a time-of-use billing rate, EcoFlow Smart Home Panel Combo (13 Relay Modules), coupled with the attached DELTA Pros, empowers you to store energy during off-peak hours and utilize it when rates are at their highest. Say goodbye to excessive electricity bills and embrace intelligent peak rate avoidance.

Our commitment to sustainability is at the core of EcoFlow Smart Home Panel Combo. By connecting MC4-compatible solar panels to the DELTA Pro, you can enhance your home's eco-consciousness. The Smart Home Panel seamlessly harnesses free, renewable solar energy and powers your wall outlets, lighting, and various fixtures. With ample solar input, your home can achieve self-sufficiency and reduce its environmental impact.

Upgrade your home's energy infrastructure with the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel Combo (13 Relay Modules). Embrace a more resilient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective future for your household.

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Key Features: EcoFlow Smart Home Panel Combo (13 Relay Modules)

  • Includes Smart Home Panel and 13 relay modules, including 5 x 15A relay modules, 5 x 20A relay modules and 3 x 30A relay modules
  • High Power Capacity
  • Energy Storage Capacity
  • EcoFlow App Control
  • Sustainable and Self-Sufficient
  • Made in China
  • Warranty 5-years

Specifications: EcoFlow Smart Home Panel Combo (13 Relay Modules)

Brand EcoFlow
Model Smart Home Panel Combo(13 relay modules)
Output Voltage
120V / 240V
System Frequency 60Hz
# of Controlled Circuits 10
Rate Current 30A, 20A, 15A
Max Backup Power
3600W / 7200W
Max Connected Battery Energy 21.6kWh
Charging Input (DELTA Pro)
3400W Max
IP Code IP20
Installation Wall mount, to be installed by a licensed electrician
Dimensions 18.1 x 11.8 x 4.7 in
Weight 20 lb

Documents: EcoFlow Smart Home Panel Combo (13 Relay Modules)

EcoFlow Smart Home Panel APP-User Manual V1.0

EcoFlow Smart Home Panel-Installation Manual V2.0

Video: EcoFlow Smart Home Panel Combo (13 Relay Modules)

The following video describes how to use the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel with the EcoFlow DELTA Pro portable power station.


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