EcoFlow Wave 2 Portable Air Conditioner/Heater


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Want to stay comfortable on your adventures with a portable air conditioner and heater? The EcoFlow Wave 2 Portable Air Conditioner/Heater is a compact, portable air-source heat pump. Because it's a heat pump, it can provide 5100 BTUs of cooling output per hour and 6100 BTUs of heating output per hour very efficiently, using less than 500 watts. It's the most powerful and compact portable air conditioner and heater available, providing comfort anywhere & anytime. The Wave 2 is ideal for small or medium-size camper vans, truck campers, pop-up campers & trailers.

The most powerful air conditioner/heater of its size, the EcoFlow Wave 2 Portable Air Conditioner/Heater can cool a 108 square foot space from 86°F down to 75°F in around 8 minutes. Like all EcoFlow products, the Wave 2 features a variety of fast-charging options such as an AC outlet, power station, car outlet, and solar panel.

In addition, the EcoFlow Wave 2 Portable Air Conditioner/Heater weighs in at only 32 lbs, so it is very portable and makes less than 50 dB of noise. For smaller spaces, the ducted airflow option makes it even quieter!

Used with The EcoFlow app, you can completely customize how you use your Wave 2 and easily control it from a distance.

Have a Mercedes Sprinter van? We sell the Sprinter 2007+ EcoFlow Wave 2 Vent Adapter that fits the passenger-side window of any 2007+ Sprinter van. As you can see from the photos, you can roll the window down partway, insert the vent adapter, and attach the ducting to the adapter for the most efficient ducting arrangement that gives you maximum air flow for both heating and cooling.

Note: The Wave 2 can run off its own battery that slots in underneath. The EcoFlow Wave 2 Extra Battery (sold separately) installs in the rear slot on the Wave 2 for up to 8 hours of portable use. Alternately, the Wave 2 can be plugged into an AC or DC power connection for use without the battery with an Ecoflow XT150 to XT150 cable to another Ecoflow Power Station. 

For optimum performance abilities, we recommend installing the Wave 2 in a level cabinet and ducting the cool air/heat into the desired space. The heat output(exhaust) tubing does generate heat, so for best results we recommend wrapping it with a standard HVAC duct wrap. The drain-free function during Cooling Mode requires the Wave 2 to be perfectly flat so that all water condensation evaporates. However, heat mode requires the drain to be attached, and for best use we suggest planning to incorporate drain hose attachment and spill tray for any condensation that could spill out while in motion. 

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Key Features: EcoFlow Wave 2 Portable Air Conditioner/Heater

  • Includes air conditioner/heater with removable front & rear filters, two 8' lengths of collapsible, flexible 6"-diameter ducting, two snap-on ducting adapters (Wave 2 battery sold separately) 
  • The most powerful portable air conditioner and heater.
  • The most compact AC - no installation required, no drainage in cooling mode.
  • Designed for camping and van life, power for the whole night and stay quiet.
  • Multi-recharging approaches: Interchangeable battery, AC/solar/car/power station.
  • Cools at 5100 BTU
  • Heats at 6100 BTU
  • Smart control via the EcoFlow app (available for iOS or Android)
  • Made in China
  • 2-year warranty.

Specifications: EcoFlow Wave 2 Portable Air Conditioner/Heater

Capability Specifications
Car Charging 200W, 12V/24V, 8A Max
Add-on Battery 820W (1160 Wh capacity)
AC Wall Charging 700W
Solar Charging Input 400W
Max. Running Time
8 hrs
Cooling Capacity 5100 BTU
Heating Capacity 6100 BTU
Cooling Power 5100 BTU / 1500W
Rated Running Power AC:560W / DC:505W
Noise Level 48 ~ 56dB
Weight 31.96 lbs
Dimensions 20.39 x 11.69 x 13.22 inches

Document: EcoFlow Wave 2 Portable Air Conditioner/Heater

EcoFlow Wave 2 Portable Air Conditioner/Heater Data Sheet

EcoFlow Wave 2 User Manual

EcoFlow Wave 2 Troubleshooting Guide

EcoFlow Wave 2 Add-on Battery User Manual

Videos: EcoFlow Wave 2 Portable Air Conditioner/Heater

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