Ecoflow Wave2 Extra Battery


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Introducing the Ecoflow Wave2 Extra Battery. It is a compact battery that you can attach to the Ecoflow Wave 2 to create eight hours of self-sustaining operating time.

Developed specifically for the Wave 2, the Ecoflow Wave 2 Add-on Battery forms one system. The 2 output ports (USB-A & USB-C) allows charging of all your USB (C) devices in addition to the Wave 2.

When the add-on battery is connected to the Ecoflow Wave 2, they can be managed via the Ecoflow app.

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Key Features: Ecoflow Wave2 Extra Battery

  • NCM ternary lithium battery
  • Capacity 1159 Wh
  • Detachable design
  • Carry or stow away
  • Retrofit battery for the 'Ecoflow Wave 2'
  • Ideal as a replacement or additional battery for longer use
  • Offers up to 8 hours of run time
  • USB A & C ports for charging smartphone etc.
  • 2-year warranty

Specifications: Ecoflow Wave2 Extra Battery

Input/Output Specifications

Battery type NCM lithium
Battery capacity in Wh 1159Wh (50.4 V23 Ah)
USB-A Output 5/9/12 V2.4/2/1.5 A, 18 W max
USB-C Output 5/9/12/15/20 V5 A, 100 W max
XT150 Input Power 58.6 V857 W max
XT150 Output Power 58.6 V700 W max
Full Charge Time 2.5 hours
Battery Life 2-8 hours

Battery Specifications

Battery Cell Material NCM ternary lithium battery
Cycle Life 80%+ cap. after 3000 cycles
IP Rating IP65
Optimal Operating Temp. 20°C-45°C
Discharge Temp. -20°C-50°C
Charge Temp. 0°C-45°C

General Information

Brand Ecoflow
Model EFKT210-EB
Dimensions 20.27 x 10.70 x 3.62 in.
Weight 16.9 lbs

Document: Ecoflow Wave 2 Extra Battery

Ecoflow Wave 2 Add-on Battery User Manual


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