Phoenix Exterior RV Shower (White)

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If you need to rinse off outside your camper van or motorhome after a tough day's biking or hiking, you can have an exterior RV shower like this Phoenix Exterior RV Shower (White) mounted on the side of your rig. This exterior RV shower includes a faucet with control knobs, hose, showerhead, and a box with locking door.

The hand-held shower has a fixed-position swivel bracket and a trickle shut-off, and also includes a 6-foot hose for plenty of flexibility with where you're showering. The whole assembly installs easily in the side of your van, just cut the opening, line the edge with putty tape, screw the assembly into the hole, then make the connections (detailed install instructions below).

    Key Features: Phoenix Exterior RV Shower (White)

    • Hand-held exterior RV shower with 2-knob faucet, showerhead with 60-inch hose, locking box
    • White plastic components & plastic underbody with locking door
    • Faucet shanks extend about 1-5/16 Inch beyond the back wall of the box
    • 1/4 turn washerless valve
    • Putty tape required for install, not included
    • Limited lifetime warranty.

    Specifications: Phoenix Exterior RV Shower (White)

    Overall Height & Width (in.) 8.4"H x 12.4"W
    Cutout Height & Width
    5.75"H x 10.75"W
    Fittings: Compatible with 3/4" pipe (not supplied)
    Color: White
    Materials: ABS plastic


    Documents: Phoenix Exterior RV Shower (White)

    Phoenix Exterior RV Shower Install Instructions

    Video: Phoenix Exterior RV Shower (White)






    Phoenix Exterior RV Shower (White)

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