Rainier RV Flooring System - Ram ProMaster

  • $ 3,245.00

Need a super-stable, precisely-cut subfloor and beautiful topfloor for your camper van? The Rainier RV Flooring System - Ram ProMaster gives you a super-strong, yet very light subfloor CNC-cut to precisely fit your Ram ProMaster camper van, and you can top it with the precision-cut high-quality 2Tec2 or Lonseal flooring of your choice.

The Rainier RV Flooring System combines two elements together into a single, top-of-the-line flooring solution for your Ram ProMaster camper:

  • Subfloor - A dense, rigid subfloor, cut exactly to fit your van model. The subfloor is built from a high-tech composite board made of extremely dense polyurethane foam reinforced with fiberglass. This board is 40% lighter than marine-grade plywood of the same thickness, but extremely rigid and impervious to moisture, perfect for the temperature extremes of a camper van interior. 
  • Topfloor - You can finish the RV floor assembly with beautiful, durable RV flooring from 2Tec2 or Lonseal.

For a closer look at the 2tec2 and Lonseal colors/patterns, use the links below. 

Note: Local pickup available in Portland, Oregon.  Use Coupon Code PICKUP22.  Local installation in Portland is available by contacting Just Roaming Design after purchase. Shipping is $850 for lower 48 US states.  All kits are in stock, allow 2-4 business days for kits to ship after ordering.  

Key Features: Rainier RV Flooring System - Ram ProMaster

  • Fits: Designed to fit Ram ProMaster 159''WB and 159''EXT cargo vans. 


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