Reliance Water Container - Desert Patrol, 6-Gallon

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Need a simple water system for your camper van? A couple of Reliance Water Containers like these 6-gallon Desert Patrol containers in a cabinet can carry the water you need for a road trip. And since they're made from food-grade, BPA-free high-density polyethylene (HDPE), these containers will not leach any chemicals into your water.

Couple these with a sink, a 12-volt water pump and faucet, or a hand- or foot-cranked manual pump, and you have a simple and inexpensive 4-season water system that's durable, easily-cleaned and versatile. These can easily fit into a small cabinet, and unlike underbody tanks, can be taken out and easily cleaned with some baking soda.

Each water container comes with a standard 3-piece spout system for accurate bulk pouring. The angled handle is designed for single or two-handed gripping for easier lifting and pouring.

Key Features: Reliance Water Container, Desert Patrol 6-Gallon

  • Type: Rigid
  • Capacity: 6 Gallons
  • Color: Olive
  • With Tap: No
  • With Built-In Handle: Yes
  • Rugged Construction - Traditional “Jeep” Container Shape
  • Angled Handle For Two-Handed Gripping - Easier Lifting And Pouring
  • Limited 90-Day Warranty

Specifications: Reliance Water Container, Desert Patrol 6-Gallon 

Length (in.) 14.75
Width (in.) 6.25
Height (in.) 19
Weight, Empty (lbs.) 1.82 
Capacity 6 Gallons
Materials Food-Grade, BPA-free HDPE


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