Surepower 1315-100 Battery Isolator (12V, 100A)

  • $ 145.99

In your camper van or motorhome, you have both the engine battery and a house battery bank. You'll want the ability to keep both the engine battery and house batteries well-charged, and also to be able to use the stored energy from each.

The Surepower 1315-100 Battery Isolator enables you to have the engine battery and house batteries joined together electrically when desired for charging, but also keep them separate. The Surepower 1315-100 is is a heavy-duty 12VDC solenoid rated for continuous duty at 100A.

Designed by Sure Power, battery isolators are solid state devices in a multi-battery charging system that help ensure engine starting power. The battery isolators act as a check valve to prevent auxiliary batteries from draining the main battery. When installed, isolators allow vehicle accessories to draw current from the house battery without affecting the battery used for engine starting. This frees up the vehicle’s charging system so that the engine and house batteries can charge and discharge according to the needs of their electrical loads.

Key Features: Surepower 1315-100 Battery Isolator (12V, 100A)

  • Prevents auxiliary batteries from draining main battery power in vehicle electrical systems
  • Solid-state technology isolates each battery circuit to extend battery life by allowing each to charge and discharge according to need
  • Easily connects alternator to one main and one auxiliary battery
  • Designed by Surepower, the leader in battery isolators, for superior performance that exceeds original equipment manufacturer specifications
  • Limited 12-month warranty

Specifications: Surepower 1315-100 Battery Isolator (12V, 100A)

Height (in.) 3.5
Width (in.) 3.5
Depth (in.) 4.9
Weight (lbs.) .9
Amperage Rating


Approvals CE




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