Terrawagen 2007+ Sprinter Inner Fender Liners - Black

  • $ 285.00

Introducing Terrawagen 2007+ Sprinter Inner Fender Liners - Black – The Perfect Match for Your Sprinter (2007-2023)!

This acclaimed product, now available in black to seamlessly blend with the interior of your Sprinter, offers you the same exceptional performance and utility. These rubber liners are meticulously designed to snugly fit the rear wheel wells of your 2500 Sprinter, delivering unbeatable protection and functionality.

Upgrade your Sprinter's interior protection with Terrawagen Inner Fender Liners in Black. Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality that complements your Sprinter (2007-2023). Get ready to drive in confidence – order yours today!

Key Features: Terrawagen 2007+ Sprinter Inner Fender Liners - Black

  • Designed for Sound Deadening

    Terrawagen Inner Fender Liners come with a thoughtful touch – extra space for sound deadening. You can enhance your driving experience by adding sound-deadening material to these liners, reducing road noise and vibrations for a more comfortable ride.

  • Perfect Fit Over Time

    These liners may start off a bit loose, but over time, they mold and shrink to hold tight in place, ensuring a secure and lasting fit. Rest assured that your investment will pay off year after year.

  • Versatile and Practical

    With a small flange at the perimeter, Terrawagen Inner Fender Liners are engineered to fit snugly against walls or floors. They're not just versatile; they're also incredibly practical, making them an indispensable addition to your Sprinter.

  • Sold in Pairs for Your Convenience

    Terrawagen understand your needs, which is why Inner Fender Liners are sold in pairs, ensuring you have all the protection and coverage you need for your Sprinter's rear wheel wells.

*Round dimples go on top during installation.

*Please note that these liners are not compatible with dually 3500 Sprinters.

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Specifications: Terrawagen 2007+ Sprinter Inner Fender Liners - Black

Dimensions  20'' x 10'' x 4''
Weight  9 lbs

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