VanEssential CRL FW904L Window Cover


  • $ 89.95

Whether you're trying to keep the van cool during the summer or sealing in the heat in the winter, we've got you covered. Designed for stealth camping, the VanEssential CRL FW904L Window Cover has external-facing black fabric for privacy and safety.

VanEssential uses the strongest magnets available, double-aluminum automotive-grade insulation, and premium fabrics to create window covers that are durable enough to last through all your adventures.

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Key Features: VanEssential CRL FW904L Window Cover

  • Fits CR Laurence FW904L window only
  • Color: Charcoal Gray
  • Superior Temperature Regulation: Automotive grade insulation ensures you stay cool on hot days and toasty on cold nights
  • Light-Blocking: All covers have external facing black fabric for privacy and safety and are designed with a perfect fit to block light leakage
  • Magnets: Each rare earth magnet is strategically sized and stitched into position. Our covers stay put whether you're parked or on the go
  • Quick + Easy Install: Set up or pack up and store in your van in minutes
  • All of our window covers come with a storage bag

Specifications: VanEssential CRL FW904L Window Cover

VanEssential CRL Bunk Window Covers are sold as a single item (1 piece), not in pairs. We offer two of the most common bunk window sizes for van conversions but our covers are also compatible with Flarespace and Storyteller windows. Sizes on the item description are the INSIDE dimensions (ie: 33x10) as stated by the manufacturer of the window. Actual covers fit the inside frame of each style of window.

Available Options:

  • 33" x 10" - CRL Sliding Windows
    • (Window Part number VW1033R or L)
  • 33" x 10" - CRL Awning Window
    • (Window Part number AW1033)

What’s Included:
[1] Bunk Window Cover
[1] Installation Kit: Alcohol Wipes, Metal Tabs and 3M Adhesive Tabs

Made from recycled UV resistant materials
Rare earth magnets

Installation: VanEssential CRL FW904L Window Cover

All VanEssential Bunk window covers come with an installation kit. This kit includes an alcohol wipe, metal tabs and 3M adhesive tabs. These stick to the alumunium window frame and align with the magnets inside the window cover.

VanEssential CRL FW904L Window Cover Instructions PDF

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