VWD Universal Fit Van Awning Bunk Window 40" x 18" (BAWS001)

  • $ 250.00

Introducing the innovative VWD Universal Fit Van Awning Bunk Window 40" x 18" (BAWS001). Experience unparalleled viewability, ventilation, convenience, and security with this Single Awning Window.

Viewability is paramount, and the VWD Awning Series boasts the largest viewing area among all vented styles of windows. With only a minimalistic frame surrounding the awning glass, you'll enjoy unmatched panoramic views from this opening window. Its clear central glass offers reliable performance and a truly expansive perspective.

Ventilation has never been better with the Single Awning Window. Combining the advantages of sliding and awning windows, this revolutionary design tilts out 70°, rivaling some sliders in terms of airflow. Embrace the convenience of a slider with unobstructed openings, while benefiting from the tilting feature that provides excellent ventilation even during rain.

Convenience takes center stage with the VWD Awning Window. Unlike other awning windows that are not recommended to open while driving or sliding windows that usually stay shut during rain, this window features heavy-duty pistons with locking knobs. This means you can securely open the vent a few inches, lock the pistons, and enjoy fresh air while on the road, no matter the weather conditions.

The functionality of VWD Single Awning Window extends to the interior as well. Discover an accordion-style screen neatly integrated into the frame, allowing you to easily adjust the window to your desired location using the two locking levers. Pull down the screen and relish in a spacious, screened opening, perfect for camping, road tripping, or simply enjoying the outdoors.

Security is of utmost importance, and VWD takes it seriously. Their windows are designed with two levers that swing and lock down on both bottom corners when closed. The release button enables easy access, and when the window is opened, the hydraulic pistons feature locking knobs for an additional layer of protection. Even in areas where extra security is essential, you can slightly open the awning glass and lock the piston knobs, making it incredibly difficult for anyone to utilize the opening as an entry point.

In Summary

Experience the perfect blend of exceptional viewability, ventilation, convenience, and security with the VWD Universal Fit Van Awning Bunk Window 40" x 18" (BAWS001). Elevate your van experience and embark on unforgettable journeys with confidence. Order your VWD Single Awning Window today and take your van adventures to new heights.

Key Features: VWD Universal Fit Van Awning Bunk Window 40" x 18" (BAWS001)

  • Single awning opens to 70°. Locking knob allows window to lock in different positions while open.
  • Built-in accordion-style screen.
  • Two locking levers that swing down to secure the window closed.
  • Universal fit bond-in window installs on either side of vehicle 
  • Solar privacy glass
  • Excellent thermal performance with a 15% UV filter rating.
  • Manufactured with tempered safety glass that meets or exceeds DOT/SAE standards.

Specifications: VWD Universal Fit Van Awning Bunk Window 40" x 18" (BAWS001)

Manufacturer Van Windows Direct
Van Type
Universal Fit
Dimensions (L x W x H) 44 x 5 x 22 in
Billable Weight 40 lbs
Installation Type Urethane Bonded


What’s needed to install a bond-in window?

Sikaflex P2G Adhesive

Qty: 1-2 tubes for small and medium size windows.

Qty: 2 tubes for large windows.

CRL Car Window Primer

Qty: 1, 3.4 oz Primer bottle for 4 large windows and 2 small windows.

Qty: 2, 3.4 oz Primer bottles for 6-8 windows(full window set).

Trim lock or window gasket for the cut metal edge. This window's compatible option can be found in this page's Frequently Bought Together section.

Check out our How to Install Bonded Van Windows blog article for more details or the video at the bottom of this page.

VWD Universal Fit Van Awning Bunk Window 40" x 18" (BAWS001) Measurements

Bunk Window Outer Dimensions 39-3/8" x 18-1/8"
Bunk Window Cut-out Dimensions 36-3/8" x 15-1/8"
Vent Opening Size 18" x 10-1/4"


Video: How to Install Bonded Windows 

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