Get to know Limitless Van located in Southwest Washington, just 30 minutes outside of Portland, Oregon. They are currently open for builds in early 2024 and even have a few vans available for purchase, arriving later this Fall.

Limitless Van focuses on customizable floor plans for Sprinters and Transit vans, and manufactures their own Transit products, including a rear tire carrier/ladder combo, skid plate with custom powder coat options, and safari roof racks.

Limitless Van

Limitless Beginnings

Before Limitless Van, founder, Ryan Lucas worked as a Project Manager for a high-end custom millwork company that designed and built retail stores using 3D CAD software. 

"I’ve always enjoyed exploring the outdoors, whether it’s long trail runs or extended dirt bike trips into the mountains with friends," says Ryan. "But while my friends would end their days in their converted vans with their Webastos whirring, I’d end mine in a little pop-up tent listening to the sounds of critters scavenging for food."

When shivering in his tent one night, he had an epiphany, "If I combined my design skills with the resources and machinery at my fingertips, I could build world class vans. It would be a union of my passion for adventure with my years of design/build experience."

Limitless Van

Ryan took his ideas to the owner of the company, receiving a hard "no" at first, but after years of planning and working to convert his own van, he approached the company again with new ideas, producing a "few metal pieces for the conversion".

"I will never forget the words out of the owner’s mouth, 'Can we make a hundred of them?' I was confused–I only needed two brackets bent and powder coated. He clarified and said, 'No, a hundred more vans.' And from that moment, Limitless Van was born."

Limitless Van 

Endless Possibilities 

At Limitless, they believe deeply honoring and respecting nature comes from spending time in its beauty, and when people are equipped to safely explore and spend time outdoors, they are more inclined to actively preserve and protect it. 

All inspiration comes from the outdoors and the way it both centers and thrills us.

Ryan explains further, "I’m a kid at heart, and for me, a campervan is like a really awesome fort on wheels. I love that campervans enable a life of freedom and adventure, while also offering an opportunity for connection with nature and the people closest to us."

Build Your Van

The team at Limitless Van enjoys working closely with their clients to build incredible vans that challenge the status quo. Using only premium components and high quality materials, they don't believe in cutting corners and encourage clients to choose or build the van that fits their own lifestyle and needs. 

Limitless Van

Limitless Van

Offering two van designs, Juniper for 144" Sprinters and 148" Transits and Gifford compatible with 170" Sprinters and 148" Ext Transits to get you on the road faster, and custom van conversions for Spinter and Transit vans to make your dream van a reality. 

Their van builds are equipped with large, capable power systems, rugged-ready suspension, and a beautiful interior designed to handle the demands of an off-grid environment. Ryan explains, "our team members make this all possible, and we value them as the heartbeat of our company."


Limitless Van located in North Bonneville, WA offers it all, with in-house design and manufacturing on exterior products and dedication to quality on all interior components. They hope to connect more people with the outdoors, and in return, continue to reinforce the importance of nature to people. 

Limitless Van

"Some of our best moments as humans have been spent in the outdoors with people we love. We value being able to offer a means for others to experience that as well," explains Ryan.

See more from Limitless Van through their website LimitlessVan.com and reach out to them today regarding available and upcoming build openings. 

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