Established in 2007, Outside Van was founded to inspire a new type of van living.

"We believe in going deep into nature, with passions for biking, snowboarding, windsurfing, and the unpredictable excitement travel provides. This adventurous lifestyle has guided us as we’ve evolved into a flourishing business, attracting some of the industry’s most creative, productive, and experienced experts to our headquarters in Oregon," explains Outside Van's Marketing and Creative Director, Brian Jagodnik.

Outside Van

Outside Van creates vehicles to get you out there, enabling people to experience freedom, joy, and connection. Their purpose-built vehicles get people off-grid and encourage them to take the road less traveled. Each finished van results from superior workmanship, custom-built by hand, with every detail authentic to the customer.

Since 2021 when Fox Factory acquired Outside Van, their focus has been elevating the brand into a custom van conversion industry leader. Road tested and prepared for snow, dirt, rain and mud; each Outside Van is ready to handle extreme conditions.

Outside Van

Inspired by the Outside

"Our favorite thing about vans is the freedom that van life promotes. Having the ability to spend days on end off-grid adventuring, completely self-sustained with freshwater, cabin heat, and air conditioning, without needing to recharge batteries, allows you to connect with nature and disconnect from the stressors of everyday life." 

Outside Van produces custom and model vans to offer you the ability to choose your path. Go your own way with a completely custom van design or choose from two new Outside Van models: Approach and Syncline, and make your van dreams a reality with zero stress.  Their multiple locations and well-equipped team of over 75 individuals puts quality and precision at the front of design. 

Outside Van

Clean, premium, and functional. Outside Van believes every detail of a van should serve a purpose with a clear function, and they focus on a clean aesthetic with attention to every detail.

"Giant lights and audacious metalwork aren’t our style," says Brian. "Our brand originated with a focus on the stealth approach. We want everyone to feel comfortable stopping in a neighborhood or parking lot for a couple of hours of sleep without drawing attention or getting knocks on the windows."

Outside Van

Building Dreams 

Outside Van's facilities are located in beautiful Portland, Oregon, a mecca of everything outdoors, perfectly positioned between the mountains and coast just an hour drive in each direction. Both facilities are now open and operations are cleanly divided to focus on custom and model vans separately. Their larger model van facility now offers capacity for 50+ vans at once and streamlines production for efficiency and quality. 

Production slots for custom vans are open now! Outside Van is ready to start designing your dream van with typical build times averaging 4-6 months, so you’ll be on the trail quickly.

Outside Van

You can also shop their new model van options in Portland or at a dealer nearest you. 

Explore their latest released model van, a Sprinter 170WB named "Approach", currently available for financing at dealerships nationwide. Outside Van is proud to introduce their new model division, bringing a much greater volume of vans to the market with a convenient option for financing while continuing to be an industry leader in quality adventure vans.

"Approach and Syncline are ideal vehicles, allowing everyone, from burgeoning adventurers to experienced explorers, the freedom to take the road less traveled," says Brian.

Their Approach model built on a Sprinter 170WB seats/sleeps up to four people and is currently available nationwide. Syncline, Sprinter 144WB seats and sleeps up to two people and will be available in the Fall.

Outside Van Approach

Outside Van Approach


Outside Van is dedicated to getting more people outside, making it more convenient and accessible with dealerships nationwide. 

"Our love for the outdoors is why we do what we do. When we’re not in the shop, our staff loves enjoying their various hobbies outside."

Outside Van

"Vans are a catalyst to get us to the next adventure. We’re grateful to create a product where people can haul different types of gear for multiple adventures at once, feel rested, and enjoy remote spaces," explains Brian. "Respecting and preserving those remote spaces for future trips and generations are essential to us and our customers. We’re firm believers in the leave it better than you found it ethos."

Be sure to check out more details for their latest builds or projects, and reach out to the team at Outside Van by visiting OutsideVan.com.  

Outside Van

Outside Van



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