What began in 2019 as "a simple idea to build out a couple of small rental vans" for their friends quickly transformed into a full time opportunity for co-founders and friends, James Henson and Bill Harris. The two had the idea while working on James' new home addition, still having full time careers of their own.

At the time, James held an industrial maintenance engineering position and Bill split time as owner of 2 retail stores and a project manager for a luxury home contractor.  Bill explains: 

What started as a simple idea took on a life of its own after we did a full conversion for a family of 5 that was looking to live full time in their converted Sprinter, while traveling the country. Once that Sprinter hit the road (and social media) it was game on. We both shifted our focus from our full time jobs to building Open Road. We've been riding the wave ever since. 

Open Road Camper Van Conversions

Open Road Camper Van Conversions

Amplify Your Fun

Open Road is based in NW Arkansas with the Ozark Mountains as their backdrop, inspiring the end products they create. They prioritize timeless designs that clients can enjoy for years, eliminating unnecessary elements and maximizing functionality. Creating custom 4-season adventure vans tailored to client needs.

Sure, you don't really need a van to get to all the epic places you wanna go, but it sure is nice to have one. You get to bring your toys, your food, hydration, and all your other creature comforts in a climate controlled rolling base camp. You can't beat that!

Open Road Van Conversions

Small space building is a serious challenge.

Van conversions require strategic and detailed planning to configure the setup just right. Open Road's team thrives on the challenge and rigorous innovation required to construct a fully functional and efficient campervan. They strive to bring their client's vision to life with dedication to individual style and needs. 

The creativity of building in a small space and [with] our clients keeps us motivated to keep building and keep getting better at our craft. Designing in a tiny space has a ton of challenges, but it feels great when you really nail a good design and get your customer fired up to use their rig. It's the best job ever. We really do trip out on the fact we get to do this day in and day out. 

Open Road to Adventure

If there is one clear theme when it comes to the team at Open Road, it's fun and adventure. Every part of their work and story echos the pure joy vans bring out. Proving simply, there is more to life than routine living. 

Open Road Conversions

Inspired by their customers' passion for outdoor sports and adventure, Open Road specializes in completely custom van conversions for Sprinter, ProMaster, and Transit vans. They also provide a service center for van maintenance and upgrades to ensure the adventure never ends.

Outdoor activities are a huge part of what motivates us at Open Road. Whether it's hiking or cycling or hunting or rock climbing or anything else outside -- this is where the love of van life comes from. To be out in the middle of nowhere and have all of your necessities is what it's all about.

Campervan conversions Open Road

After a long day of play, nothing compares to the comforting calm of returning to your van, preparing a hot meal, enjoying a cold drink, and sharing adventures and laughter with friends in your mobile home-base.

Collaborating with a skilled van build team greatly impacts the final product and practical outcomes. Dreaming of a van is one thing, but dedicating the time, care, and expertise to consider every solution for your desires and requirements makes van building uniquely challenging A knowledgeable and caring team backing you ensures no detail is overlooked.


Vans open the door to better adventures, and we're excited to partner with Open Road to inspire you to explore, hit the open road, and see the world - all from the comfort of your own home on wheels.

Open Road Camper Van Conversions

Open Road carries these sentiments through their expert team, van build work, and completed client van builds. Reflecting the true happiness and joy that arises from pursuing adventure, combined with the focused planning and dedication required to achieve it. 

Check out Open Road for more information on custom van conversions and product installs near NW Arkansas. Currently, Open Road is booking new client builds for March 2024 with an estimated 3 month build time to completion. 

Reach out to Open Road to start your van build adventure today.

Open Road Camper Van Conversions

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