Established in 2021 by seasoned travelers and outdoor enthusiasts determined to turn dreams into reality, Sandy Vans has evolved from a humble garage with a single van conversion project to a vibrant force in the van industry. Sandy Vans co-founder and CEO, Alan Mondus explains:

Our story at Sandy Vans begins with a passion for adventure and the desire to provide travelers a unique and comfortable way to explore the great outdoors with the ethos: focused on living.

The company has brought together a world-class team of doers to bring this dream to life. As a leadership group, we've honed our skills and perfected products at lightning-fast speed, turning Sandy Vans into a trusted name in the campervan industry. 

More than just your ordinary van builders, Sandy Vans' team of artists, creators, and adventurous spirits has sought to become a "beacon for those who believe that life is an extraordinary canvas awaiting their unique strokes." They not only understand the van life dream, but they're also striving to "fuel your artistic fervor and incite your wanderlust."

Sandy Vans builds adventure vans to bring people closer to nature while maintaining their sense of at-home comfort and convenience. Inspired by the belief that adventure should be accessible to everyone, their van conversions encourage making every experience unforgettable, whether a cozy weekend getaway or an epic road trip. 


With four floor plan layouts to choose from and customize, you'll be quickly on your way to a finished build and exploring the open road. Plus each one of these unique layouts has the ability to be optioned as a ‘FAMVAN’ altering the cabinetry to allow for a second row double seat. 

  1. SCOUT

  2. SOCIAL 

  3. SPORT


We believe that a well-designed campervan not only serves its purpose efficiently but also offers a visually appealing and comfortable space. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship are paramount in ensuring that our customers get a unique and enjoyable camping experience.


Vans are all about enjoying the now and feeling alive. Sandy Vans' slogan, "Focused on Living" captures that feeling in a simple phrase. 

Feeling comfortable outdoors and having everything you need allows you to enjoy the moment with complete peace of mind so you can stay longer, rest better, and appreciate the sights and sounds around you. With Sandy Vans’ luxury adventure van conversions, you'll have your private getaway at all times, feeling completely at home.

The team at Sandy Vans continues to be inspired by these beliefs and the protection of our public outdoor spaces. 

The outdoors holds a special place in our hearts, and we believe in responsible exploration and stewardship of nature. We're committed to sustainability in our operations, using eco-friendly materials and promoting responsible camping practices. By creating camper vans that allow people to connect with the outdoors, we hope to foster a deep appreciation for nature and a desire to protect it for future generations


Check out their new facility in Miramar - San Diego, California for semi-custom van builds, van parts and installation services. 

Sandy Vans' conversions are in high demand, and their next availability for a semi-custom build may vary. For the latest updates on build slots and completed build purchases, visit their website or contact their team directly at contact@sandyvans.com or (619) 812-1903.

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