AM Auto Mercedes Sprinter (2007+) Driver Side Forward Fixed Window (MS06-L1-3 P)

  • $ 289.00

Note: All AM Auto Window packages must be opened and checked for damage and missing parts within 21 days of receipt.

Looking for a fixed camper window for your Mercedes Sprinter camper van? The modern, stylish AM Auto Mercedes Sprinter (2007+) Driver Side Forward Fixed Window (MS06-L1-3 P) is designed to fit the factory window cutout on Mercedes Sprinter van models. This sleek single-pane glass window has solar privacy glass bordered by a black ceramic frit.

Note: These windows are large and can only be shipped via truck freight. These windows are shipped from AM Auto and cannot be picked up from the manufacturer. If you cancel your order after your windows have shipped, you will pay the shipping costs plus a 30% restocking fee.

Key Features: AM Auto Mercedes Sprinter (2007+) Driver Side Forward Fixed Window (MS06-L1-3 P)

The AM Auto Mercedes Sprinter (2007+) Driver Side Forward Fixed Window (MS06-L1-3 P) meets the following specifications:

  • Mercedes Sprinter solid glass window is produced to the highest quality standards
  • Designed to fit 2007+ Mercedes Sprinter 144" WB and 170" WB body vans without sliding door
  • Solar privacy glass
  • Glass UV rating = 17%
  • Manufactured by AM Auto
  • Solar privacy glass with 17% tint (also known as "factory tint"), matches Mercedes factory glass and conforms to AS3 standard
  • Meets European and North American standards, tested and certified to ECE R43 and North American (US DOT FMVSS 205/Transport Canada CMVSS 205) standards 
  • 6 Months warranty.

Note: This is a bonded (glue-in) window, which requires surface primer and urethane adhesive for installation.

Specifications: AM Auto Mercedes Sprinter (2007+) Driver Side Forward Fixed Window (MS06-L1-3 P)

Height  (in.)
Width   (in.) 55.43
Weight (lbs) N/A

What’s needed to install a bond-in window?

Sikaflex P2G Adhesive

Qty: 1-2 tubes for small and medium size windows.

Qty: 2 tubes for large windows.

CRL Car Window Primer

Qty: 1, 3.4 oz Primer bottle for 4 large windows and 2 small windows.

Qty: 2, 3.4 oz Primer bottles for 6-8 windows(full window set).

Trim lock or window gasket for the cut metal edge. This window's compatible option can be found in this page's Frequently Bought Together section.

Check out our How to Install Bonded Van Windows blog article for more details, or watch the video below.

Video: How to Install Bonded Windows


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