AM Auto Window Gasket Edge Trim 7 feet (Jumbo)

  • $ 14.00

Rubber edge trim is used as a decorative or protective rubber edge guard. It will protect rough surfaces and metals from harsh weather conditions like moisture and sunlight that could lead to erosion.
Choose edge trim based on your wall thickness. If you add interior paneling to your wall and would like the edge trim to overlap the paneling, then you must include the thickness of the paneling in your measurements.

KEY FEATURES: AM Auto Window Gasket Edge Trim 7 feet (Jumbo)

  • Fits wall thickness 0.25" - 0.50"
  • Compatible with Ford Transit rear quarter window installs
  • Includes 7 feet of edge trim with extra. Requires cutting to fit. 
  • Part #RU-ET-03-07

Note: This product is sold per section.

AM Auto Window Gasket Edge Trim Comparison Table

RU-ET-01 (Small)

Wall thickness 0.03" - 0.125"

RU-ET-08 (Large)

Wall thickness 0.125" - 0.25"

RU-ET-05 (XLarge)

Wall thickness 0.20" - 0.40"

RU-ET-03 (Jumbo)

Wall thickness 0.25" - 0.50"

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