Columbia Flooring System - Ram ProMaster 159''EXT

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In partnership with two of the leading R&D and manufacturing companies in the camper van industry, Rixen’s Heating and Just Roaming Design, we are proud to announce what we believe to be the most full-featured RV hydronic heating system available.

Want to be toasty warm even on the coldest winter days in your Ram ProMaster 159''EXT camper van? The Columbia RV Hydronic Heating System - Ram ProMaster 159''EXT is a truly revolutionary camper van heating solution that provides multiple forms of heat, yet so efficiently uses power that it can be run constantly for true 4-season use. The Columbia RV Hydronic Heating System is a custom hydronic (liquid) heating system, based on the Espar S-3 diesel- or gas-powered hydronic heater. 

Why is this system so great? Unlike a simpler diesel- or gas-powered air heater, this multi-faceted RV heating system provides heat in 4 different ways:

  • RV air heating - through an air handler to warm the air in your ProMaster camper van's living space
  • RV engine heating - through a heat exchanger for engine pre-heating and to make use of waste engine heat for interior heating
  • RV hot water heating - continuous hot water (from your connected freshwater tank) for showering and/or washing dishes
  • RV heated floors - through the radiant floor system for floors that are warm underfoot.

Unlike a propane RV furnace or a diesel- or gas-powered air heater that just provides air heating, this system provides heat in every way you may need, and does it so efficiently that you can run it for a much greater percentage of the time than conventional heating systems, which typically use much more power and do not retain the heat generated except for a very short time. The digital heater control unit also senses barometric air pressure and automatically adjusts the fuel mixture for high-altitude operation.

The Columbia RV Hydronic Heating System combines many elements together into a single, top-of-the-line RV heating solution for your Ram ProMaster camper:

  • Hydronic Heater - A hydronic heater system that supplies heated fluid. We recommend the Rixens hydronic heater kit that comes with control panels, a pump, a heat exchanger, a custom-welded aluminum expansion tank, an air handler, a floor heat kit and an optional engine preheating kit, as well as all required tubing and fittings. However, this can be any hydronic heater that supplies pressurized, heated fluid.
  • Subfloor - A dense, rigid subfloor to hold the heat, cut exactly to fit your van model. The subfloor is built from a high-tech composite board made of extremely dense, highly-insulating polyurethane foam reinforced with fiberglass. The composite board is CNC-machined with precise grooves for the PEX tubing and the aluminum heat transfer plates, which retain and distribute the heat throughout the floor. The subfloor assembly is dimensionally stable, and finished with marine plywood to provide a smooth, strong substrate for finish flooring. The top of the plywood is engraved with the tubing pattern so you know where to place fasteners and where to avoid.
  • Topfloor - You can choose to finish the RV floor assembly with beautiful, durable RV flooring from 2Tec2 or Lonseal.

    For a closer look at the 2tec2 and Lonseal colors/patterns, use the links below. 

    Note: Local pickup available in Portland, Oregon. Use Coupon Code IWILLPICKUP. Local installation in Portland for any or all of the components is available by contacting Just Roaming Design after purchase. Shipping is $699 for lower 48 US states. Please note it may take up to 4 weeks before all items ship out.   

    Key Features: Columbia RV Hydronic Heating System - Ram ProMaster 159''EXT

    • Fits: Designed to fit Ram ProMaster 159''EXT cargo vans
    • Heat Output: 17500-52500 BTU (17500 BTU furnace, 30000 BTU engine heat, 5000 BTU tank heat element)
    • Fuel Consumption: 0.15 gal/h
    • Nominal Supply Voltage: 12V
    • Power Consumption; W (A): 50W (4.1A@12VDC) with water pump running, 32W (3A@12VDC) when water pump not running, additional 1500W tank heat element can be used when 120VAC shore power is available.
    • We supply the following components:
      • PEX tubing
      • Adhesive
      • Aluminum heat transfer plates
      • CNC routed fiberglass-reinforced closed-cell foam subfloor
      • CNC-etched 1/4" plywood overlay floor, mapped with tubing layout
      • Optionally, CNC-cut 2Tec2 or Lonseal topfloor.

    Documents: Columbia RV Hydronic Heating System - Ram ProMaster 159''EXT

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    Video: Columbia RV Hydronic Heating System - Ram ProMaster 159"EXT


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