EcoFlow Glacier - Detachable Wheels and Lever


  • $ 99.00

Introducing the Detachable Wheels and Lever for the EcoFlow Glacier cooler, the ultimate accessory for taking your cooler on the go with ease.

The Detachable Wheels and Lever are designed to make it effortless to transport your EcoFlow Glacier cooler across any terrain. The high-quality wheels are made from durable materials and can handle rough terrain, so you can easily navigate over rocks, sand, gravel, and even stairs without damaging your cooler. The adjustable lever makes it easy to pull the cooler along without straining your back or arms.

Installation of the Detachable Wheels and Lever is quick and easy, with no tools required. Simply attach the wheels to the base of your EcoFlow Glacier cooler and slide the lever into place. The wheels and lever can be removed just as easily, allowing you to switch between transportation modes as needed.

Key Features: EcoFlow Glacier - Detachable Wheels and Lever

In the box:
2x Detachable Wheels and 1x Lever

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