Dometic CFX3 55 Powered Cooler (83-Can, AC/DC)

  • $ 1,079.99

Need the most rugged, lightweight and efficient portable refrigerator/freezer for your road trips? The Dometic CFX3 55 Powered Cooler is a 1.9-cubic-foot (53-liter, 83-can) portable refrigerator/freezer that can operate off AC or DC power. The high-tech Dometic CFX3 Series refrigerator/freezers refrigerate or deep-freeze food down to -7°F (-22°C) without the need for ice. The CFX3 powered cooler models are also fitted with heavy-duty features like reinforced corners, stainless steel hinges, and a robust lining to perform in the most extreme conditions.

This high-quality top-loading fridge uses the super-efficient VMS03 variable-speed sealed compressor. These whisper-quiet compressors use a fraction of the energy of a regular compressor, and they are also ultra-reliable, since they are completely sealed within their own casing, eliminating maintenance and noise.

The CFX3 55 even comes with its own app, with iOS and Android versions. The CFX3 app enables you to monitor and control your CFX3 fridge/freezer from a distance (providing you can connect your phone to the CFX3 using Wi-Fi). Use the CFX3 app to:

  • Control and monitor temperatures remotely (Wi-Fi connection, distance depends on environment)
  • Turn on and off the CFX3 and/or individual compartments
  • Set your battery protection level
  • Select temperature unit (°C or °F)
  • Set temperature alarm (+/-3°C or +/-5°C)
  • See what power source your CFX is running on – AC or DC
  • See what the supply voltage level is if running on DC 
  • See whenever your CFX3 lid is open, and be alerted if open for 3 minutes or longer.

Key Features: Dometic CFX3 55 Powered Cooler (87-Can, AC/DC)

  • Spacious 1.9 cubic foot (83-can) capacity
  • Quick freezing capabilities down to -7°F (-22°C)
  • Heavy-duty ExoFrame construction includes reinforced corners, sturdy lining, stainless-steel hinges
  • Folding, spring-loaded handles
  • Soft-touch digital controls
  • Interior LED light lets you see what you're looking for
  • Interior powder-coated removable wire storage basket with divider
  • Super-efficient VMS03 variable-speed sealed compressor uses very minimal power
  • AC/DC power compatibility, seamless power source switchover
  • Convenient control using external switches and high-resolution color display, or Dometic CFX3 app for iPhone or Android phones
  • Built-in USB port
  • Built-in drain valve for easy cleaning
  • Five-year limited warranty.

Looking for other sizes? There are many models of different sizes, including the: CFX3 35CFX3 45CFX3 55CFX3 75DZCFX3 95DZ and CFX3 100.

Specifications: Dometic CFX3 55 Powered Cooler (83-Can, AC/DC)

Height (in.) 18.9
Width (in.) 17.9
Depth (in.) 28.4
Weight (lbs.) 47
Voltage 12/24VDC/100-240VAC 
Power Consumption

1.03A@12VDC (internal@39F, ambient@90F)

Refrigerant R134A
Storage Volume 1.9 cubic feet (53 liters)
Approvals UL, IP44


Video: Dometic CFX3 55 Powered Cooler (83-Can, AC/DC)

Documents: Dometic CFX3 55 Powered Cooler (83-Can, AC/DC)




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