EcoFlow DELTA Pro 3 Portable Power Station

  • $ 3,699.00

  • Powerful and Versatile - 120V/240V, 4000W in a single unit to power almost all of your home appliances.
  • Expandable Capacity - 4–48kWh, tailored to your energy needs.
  • Quiet Operation - Operates as low as 30 dB (under 2000W) for minimal noise.
  • Easy to Use - Plug-and-play design for hassle-free setup.
  • Fast Charging - Charges to 80% in just 50 minutes.
  • Multiple Charging Methods - 7 unique and 18 combo charging methods for maximum flexibility.


Here at Campervan HQ, we sell a variety of solutions to power your vanlife adventures. The EcoFlow DELTA Pro 3 Portable Power Station is a power solution well-suited to the needs of many vanlifers, while also having a secret superpower: the ability to function as an emergency home backup power system. 

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro 3 Portable Power Station boasts a whopping 4096 watt hours of storage and is expandable with up to two DELTA Pro 3 Extra Batteries to allow 12,000 Wh when combined. The DELTA Pro 3 is also compatible with the existing EcoFlow products below:

*New firmware version required when connecting any of the above to the DELTA Pro 3 Portable Power Station.
  Effortless Power for Every Family MemberKeep Your Home Running Smoothly





AC Output

7 outlets, 4000W Max. (Surge 8000W)

12V DC Output

12.6V/30A 378W Total

DC5521 * 1, 5A Max.

Anderson Port * 1, 30A Max.

AC Charging Input


120V 1800W Max., 

240V 3600W Max.

Max Device(s) Power Supported by X-Boost



Solar Charging Input

2600W, 2 ports:

HPV:30-150V/15A, 1600W Max.

LPV:11-60V/20A, 1000W Max.

Car Charging Input

12V 8A Max.

Battery Chemistry


Cycle Life

4000 cycles to 80% capacity

Net Weight

51.5kg (113.54 lb)




Which EcoFlow products are compatible with the DELTA Pro 3?
EcoFlow 800W Alternator Charger

EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2

EcoFlow Smart Generator (Dual Fuel)

EcoFlow DELTA Pro to Smart Generator Adapter

EcoFlow PowerInsight Home Energy Manager(New)

EcoFlow WAVE 2

EcoFlow Smart Generator 4000 (Dual Fuel)(New)

Please note that all devices need to be upgraded to the latest firmware version to ensure compatibility.


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