Nova Kool R4500 AC/DC RV Refrigerator

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The Nova Kool R4500 AC/DC RV Refrigerator is a quiet, highly-efficient AC/DC refrigerator/freezer using the sealed Danfoss compressor. Sealed compressors are ideal for use in refrigerators since there is no way for lubricant or refrigerant to leak out of the compressor - the motor is designed to run in (and be cooled by) the refrigerant being compressed. Danfoss (Secop) BD-series sealed compressors use a brushless, variable-speed electric motor mounted on springs to prevent any vibrations from being transmitted, and with a muffler to minimize suction noise. The compressor pumps the CFC-free R134A refrigerant through the refrigerant circuit at 2000-3500 rpm, depending on the cooling load. It’s a compact, rugged and maintenance-free design that uses very little power and is almost silent, which is why 12-volt refrigerators using this compressor are so quiet and efficient.

Nova Kool refrigerators are high-quality products made and supported in North America, by Nova Kool of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Nova Kool stands behind their products with a 2-year warranty.

Note: Non-returnable item due to large size and freight delivery. Shipping calculated at checkout. Please read important install information at bottom of page. 

Key Features: Nova Kool R4500 AC/DC RV Refrigerator

  • AC/DC sealed-compressor RV refrigerator/freezer
  • 4.3 cubic foot total volume
  • Large refrigerator compartment with upper freezer section
  • Positive latch system
  • Interior light
  • Storage for tall bottles on the door
  • Durable powder-coated wire shelves
  • The door comes installed with a right-hand swing (which can easily be changed to a left swing)
  • Black door panel standard
  • Environmentally-sound R134A refrigerant
  • CFC-free urethane foam in cabinets and doors
  • Magnetic door gaskets for positive seal
  • Stainless steel fasteners & hinges are used throughout
  • Maintenance-friendly & efficient static condenser
  • Low battery protection to help prevent full discharge of batteries


Specifications: Nova Kool R4500 AC/DC RV Refrigerator

Overall interior volume 4.3 cu. ft. (122 liters)
Freezer section volume 0.6 cu. ft. (17 liters)
Weight (lbs.) 59 
Voltage 12/24VDC, 110-240VAC 50/60Hz
Amperage running 4.4A (12VDC) , 2.2A (24VDC)


Documents: Nova Kool R4500 AC/DC RV Refrigerator

From the manual:

"Installation into the cabinet: Nova Kool publishes its cut out dimensions so that the unit will slide easily into the hole. The dimensions allow a little extra space so that the unit can be shimmied into place as well as providing extra air space behind where required. On most models, the mounting screws are installed and covered by supplied frame plugs (see bag with owners manual, ice cube tray & frame plugs). Flush mount frames and frame kits do not use screw covers. Please ensure that you are using the correct cut out dimensions that relate to the type of mounting flange you have ordered (flush mounting flanges require an additional 2.25” for the depth and 1”for both the height and the width than the standard units)."

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