Nova Kool R5810 AC/DC RV Refrigerator

  • $ 1,999.00

The Nova Kool R5810 AC/DC RV Refrigerator is a quiet, highly-efficient AC/DC refrigerator/freezer using the sealed Danfoss compressor. Sealed compressors are ideal for use in refrigerators, since there is no way for lubricant or refrigerant to leak out of the compressor - the motor is designed to run in (and be cooled by) the refrigerant being compressed. Danfoss (Secop) BD-series sealed compressors use a brushless, variable-speed electric motor mounted on springs to prevent any vibrations being transmitted, and with a muffler  to minimize suction noise. The compressor pumps the CFC-free R134A refrigerant through the refrigerant circuit at 2000-3500 rpm, depending on cooling load. It’s a compact, rugged and maintenance-free design that uses very little power and is almost silent, which is why 12-volt refrigerators using this compressor are so quiet and efficient.

Nova Kool refrigerators are high-quality products made and supported in North America, by Nova Kool of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Nova Kool stands behind their products with a 2-year warranty

Key Features: Nova Kool R5810 AC/DC RV Refrigerator

  • AC/DC sealed-compressor refrigerator/freezer
  • 5.8 cubic foot capacity
  • Large refrigerator compartment with upper freezer section
  • Positive latch system
  • Interior light
  • Storage for tall bottles on door
  • Durable powder-coated wire shelves
  • Door comes installed with right-hand swing but can easily be changed to left-swing
  • Brushed stainless-steel door panel standard
  • Environmentally-sound R134A refrigerant
  • CFC-free urethane foam in cabinet and doors
  • Magnetic door gaskets for positive seal
  • Stainless steel fasteners & hinges used throughout
  • Maintenance-friendly & efficient static condenser
  • Low battery protection to help prevent full discharge of batteries

Additional notes about Nova Kool refrigerators:

  • Special-order items like this are not returnable.
  • Depending on the size of refrigerator, it may come on a pallet. Shipping charges are US$400.

Specifications: Nova Kool R5810 AC/DC RV Refrigerator

Overall interior volume 5.8 cu. ft. (164 liters)
Freezer section volume 0.4 cu. ft. (11.3 liters)
Weight (lbs.) 69 
Voltage 12/24VDC, 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Amperage running 4.4A (12VDC), 2.2A (24VDC)


Documents: Nova Kool R5810 AC/DC RV Refrigerator


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